Tips To Properly Maintain Your Beard

You have a beard but are not sure how to maintain it properly? To have a beautiful, well-trimmed, and healthy beard, a few simple gestures are enough.

How To Properly Maintain Your Beard?

Small habits that will ensure a neat look without much effort. Here are five tips to take care of your beard and make it irresistible.

1. Treat Your Contours With Precision

A beautiful beard is in most cases a well-defined beard. For accuracy, we recommend using a straight razor (or shavette). Nothing like it to see exactly where you cut. Its unique blade makes it possible to avoid approximations.

To assist you, you can help yourself with a beard stencil. This innovative tool makes it possible to follow a well-defined route to avoid any error. Also, be aware that there are transparent shaving gels for even more precision.

2. Use A Castor Oil Beard Oil

For a healthy beard, a castor oil with a beard will be your best ally. Rich in many virtues, castor oil contains in particular moisturizing fatty acids which prevent itching and dryness of the hair as well as the skin. Its nourishing properties make your beard shiny, supple, and soft. Also, it participates in the acceleration of the growth for a strong and healthy coat, fighting against brittle hairs.

3. Learn The Right Moves Of The Barber

You will surely understand, having a beautiful beard is above all maintenance. We, therefore, recommend that you observe your barber’s gestures carefully during your next visit. What care does it provide? What tools does he use?

Also, remember to equip yourself at home to avoid too frequent visits and thus save on your maintenance. And then there is nothing like personalized care and guaranteed by yourself.

4. Do Not Neglect The Finishes

A coat too long here, a little shaggy effect there … Having a well-trimmed beard is first of all a concern for detail. To avoid the Robinson Crusoe side, it is important to pay attention to recalcitrant areas. For this, you can bring a beard comb and a pair of scissors to isolate the affected hairs and then trim what protrudes, being careful not to cut too much. In these cases, it is better to go carefully so as not to blame yourself afterward

5. Brush Your Beard Regularly

If a beard comb can help you untangle your hair, the beard brush remains a must in the maintenance of a beautiful beard. In addition to simply brushing your hair, the passage of the brush on your skin stimulates the hair follicles. This action also ensures a good distribution of sebum. Brushing can be done with or without beard oil, depending on your preference. A small gesture that will take you 1 to 2 minutes a day but which will ensure your hair in excellent shape.

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