The Best Tips To Take Care For Men’s Skin

That skincare does not concern only women is a proven fact. Men are becoming increasingly concerned with their looks and following daily beauty routines like women. Sometimes they apply any product (including ours) because they are unaware that there are clear differences between men’s and women’s skin.

For example, men’s skin is thicker, has more collagen (and therefore is smoother), has more sebaceous glands and hair, among other differences.

This is why men’s skincare is different from any woman’s skin treatment. Facial care in men is more specific because skin wrinkles appear later but when they do, they are deeper and more visible than in women.

The Best Tips For Caring For Men’s Skin:

Wash your face morning and night: You should use a suitable facial soap that is oil-free because men’s skin tends to be more oily.

Exfoliate twice a week: it is necessary to remove dead cells so that the skin can regenerate properly. In women, the skin self-exfoliates more quickly than in men, so a woman is only recommended to exfoliate the skin once a week.

Daily hydrate the skin: it is not only about drinking liquids, which is essential and totally necessary to keep the skin healthy. The skin also needs extra help such as a moisturizer adapted to men’s skin. It is also recommended to use sun protection, since wrinkles occur, in many cases, due to solar radiation.

Use a serum or cream for the eye area: in men, the first signs of aging appear around the eyes in the form of wrinkles (the so-called crow’s feet) or bags. It is recommended to use a specific product morning and night to treat this facial area.

Caring for the lips: so that the skin of the lips does not lose collagen and cracks, it is essential to apply a good lip balm that also contains sun protection. Apply it whenever you want!

Do not forget that it is necessary to use specific products for men’s skin. Creams and balms with antioxidants and vitamin E will help you promote skin cell regeneration.


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