Tricks For A Perfect Shave For Men

  • In previous posts, we have discussed the differences between men’s and women’s skin: men’s skin is thicker, less fragile, and ages slower.
  • Customs like daily shaving weaken men’s facial skin and continually alter the hydration of the surface layers. If you shave with a razor, watch out for the 10 tricks to get a perfect shave:
  • Use hot water: it is convenient to shave during or after the shower so that water and steam open the pores and soften the hair.
  • Keep the skin and blade wet: a thin film of water will be created between the blade and the skin. This will make the blade glide better and the shave smoother.
  • Apply shaving gel or foam: there are many types, classic foams and gels or bio (or natural) foams, and gels. The latter do not contain parabens or chemicals. They are made with essential oils that soothe the skin and prevent irritation.
  • Choose a good razor: Whether disposable or electric, you should allow for a smooth shave that doesn’t force you to repeatedly pass the razor to remove hair. If you go for an electric razor, the two most common types are the blade-type technology shaver and the rotary-style razor.
  • Attention to the direction of shaving: the passes must be made in the direction of hair growth. It is best to shave the beard from top to bottom, with gentle strokes to avoid damaging the skin. In the case of the neck, it will be done in reverse, from the bottom up.
  • Rinse, review, and apply after-shave: wash your face with warm water and check that the finish is perfect. Then apply an aftershave with a perfume that you like and that does not contain alcohol so that it does not irritate the area, which will be especially sensitive after shaving.
  • Although an after-shave with alcohol disinfects possible cuts, it also irritates and produces stinging and redness. Other ingredients such as Aloe vera or Camomile, in addition to calming, do the same job without attacking the skin.
  • To restore the hydrolipidic mantle of the skin and hydrate it, use a vitamin-rich aftershave that will eliminate the pimples and the most irritated areas.


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