Know The Best Way To Remove Facial Hair

When we talk about hair removal, we usually refer to removing hair from the legs, armpits, and groin, normally. But what about facial hair? Today we are going to summarize the best ways that exist on how to remove facial hair, which on more than one occasion have made us put our hands to our heads.

Hair Clippers

It is possibly the most common method of plucking facial hair. And it is that while you are grooming your eyebrows you take advantage of the tweezers in your hand to remove any hair that may appear both on the upper lip and in the chin area. Quick, painless, cheap, and easy are the keys to the success of this form of hair removal in case you are not too hairy in these areas.

On the contrary, if you are a woman with enough facial hairiness, it is best to use another type of hair removal method. Here are some recommendations:

Wax Starts The Problem

Another of the most classic methods to remove facial hair is wax, with which the hair is extracted from the roots. If you have enough hair in this area, it is a very effective method because it gets rid of hair for up to 4 weeks approximately and it is not very expensive. In addition, you can do it in a beauty clinic or yourself at home. The market offers facial wax bands, specially designed for facial hair.

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You get the same effect as wax with thread hair removal. This ancient technique that in Spain is getting more and more followers, is an effective and less aggressive way to remove facial hair than wax at least for a time.

Like the previous method, the thread also plucks the hair, but in this case, it does not cause irritation or redness, something to be appreciated, considering that we are talking about the face.

Say Goodbye To Hair With Electronic Devices

Until now, all facial hair removal methods are manual, however, technology has also contributed its grain of sand so that you do not have to suffer from the presence of hair on your face. There are many electronic devices that remove facial hair in one go.

Laser, The Definitive Solution

However, if what you want is to never worry about whether you have hair on the mustache, on the chin, and even the sideburns, it is best to go to definitive techniques, such as laser and photoepilation.

The treatment of laser hair removal consists of the application of monochromatic light that is absorbed by the hair root, thus achieving its destruction and, therefore, preventing the follicles from regenerating again.

You should know that laser treatments are more effective when the skin is lighter and the hair is blacker and thicker and that a single session is not enough since it depends on the thickness and the amount of hair you have. However, you can check the results from the first session, because you will notice that the hair is getting weaker and takes longer to appear until they completely disappear.

The other method of permanent hair removal is photo epilation. In this case, it is applied through pulses of light that scatter in all directions and cause the temperature to rise in those areas with more dark hairs, in such a way that the root of the hair ends up burning and destroying itself.

The eyebrows are also facial hair, their correct epilation is very important since, depending on their shape, they can change the expression of the face and gaze. How to have perfect eyebrows? Take note of the best tricks.

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