5 Steps for a Quick and Effective Facial Care Routine

On a day-to-day basis, the amount of activities to do sometimes leaves us with very limited time. However, skin care should never be neglected, because otherwise the health and aesthetics of the face would be affected.

Quick and effective facial care routine

Sometimes this happens because we think that we need too much time to perform a good routine, but that is not the case. We show you that in just 5 quick and easy-to-follow steps, you can pamper your skin day and night.

Step 1: Cleaning

Use a product that is gentle and does not alter the skin’s skin barrier; Avoid harsh cleansers that may cause irritation or dryness. You can opt for micellar waters, gels or foams, depending on the characteristics of your skin .

Part of this process is completely removing makeup before bed. Since debris left on the skin overnight can clog pores and cause skin problems.

However, you should not cleanse the skin more times than indicated, as this can cause the opposite effect, irritating the face and increasing oil production. Cleansing the skin twice a day , in the morning and at night, is usually enough.

In addition, the use of toner helps remove impurities that may have remained after cleansing and prepare the skin for subsequent products. Look for a toner according to your skin type that refreshes, hydrates and closes pores .

Step 2: Serum

It is characterized by its high concentration of active ingredients and a light texture that allows deep penetration into the skin , which means having a very effective result with its use.

What differentiates the serum from the classic cream is that the latter offers a higher concentration of active ingredients. Which facilitates its penetration into the deepest layers of the skin, making it an ideal complement to a facial routine.

It must be clarified that it is not a substitute for the classic cream, the idea is that the two products are used in the facial care routine to multiply the positive results. A small amount of serum is enough to have the necessary coverage in areas such as:

  • Face
  • Neck
  • Neckline

This is because the texture of the serum is light. You only need one or two drops to apply to the face , and apply it with circular movements from the inside to the outside of the face; Make sure the serum has been completely absorbed before continuing with the next step.

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Step 3: Moisturizing

Applying a night moisturizer is an essential step in a complete facial routine, since during the night the skin is in a repair and regeneration process .

Unlike daytime moisturizers, night creams tend to be deeper and more restorative. They are specifically designed to treat the aspects that the skin demands most during rest hours.

When applying the night moisturizer, it is recommended to perform a gentle upward massage , which can help improve the absorption of the product and stimulate skin circulation. It is important to use a specific nighttime moisturizer that is formulated to address the skin’s needs during this period.

The texture of the moisturizer can vary depending on the skin type, as there are different formulations available, such as gel, fluid or cream. It’s important to choose a texture that suits your skin’s needs to get the best results.

While in the daytime facial routine, lip balms should not be forgotten to hydrate the lips. Lips also need hydration , especially during the day when they are exposed to environmental factors such as sun, wind, and dry air. A lip balm can help keep lips soft, hydrated and protected all day long.

Step 4: Eye contour

This area is known to be very sensitive, delicate and prone to dryness and irritation. This area of ​​the skin is especially vulnerable because it is exposed to external agents such as the use of dark circle concealers, mascara or eyeliner, as well as aggressive eye makeup removers.

To do this, it is recommended to apply a cream around the eyes with light touches without dragging the skin. Doing it gently and gently helps avoid irritation and unnecessary stretching of the skin, which can cause premature wrinkles to appear .

Use a specific formula for this purpose instead of mistakenly applying day or night cream to the area. By using a specific cream for the area, you can provide greater protection and care to this very sensitive area of ​​the face.

Because these eye contour creams usually have a lighter texture. They are formulated with special ingredients to meet the unique needs of this area of ​​the skin, such as hydration, reduction of dark circles and reduction of wrinkles.

Step 5: Sunscreen

Sunscreen is a must in any facial beauty routine, and is usually the last step in your morning routine. However, there are some exceptions to this rule, for example, cosmetics with a depigmenting function that contain sun protection must be applied directly to the pigmented area to be treated.

Sun protection is timeless, that is, it should be applied in both winter and summer. Although UV rays may be more intense in the summer, sun exposure remains a concern year-round .

Remember to apply enough of the selected product to ensure adequate protection. It is recommended to use at least a tablespoon of the protector on the face and neck to ensure adequate coverage.

Also, do not forget that sunscreens must be reapplied every two hours . Especially if you are exposed to the sun for long periods, have sweated, or have wet skin.

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