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Can Beard Growth Be Accelerated?

In some places, the beard grows irregularly, and you ask yourself: “Can I stimulate the growth?” Here’s the answer

Isn’t your beard growing as complete as your buddy’s? Don’t give up hope too quickly: many young men suffer from uneven beards. If you are still under 20 years old, the chances are excellent that an increased beard growth will set in. Because the first whiskers that begin to sprout during puberty are very thin, some gaps in the beard close when the beard hairs get stronger towards the end of puberty in the early 20th century. Tip: It’s better to shave off the initially thin beard hairs. That looks neater than an irregular fluff.

Does shaving accelerate beard growth?

The myth persists. But: No, frequent shaving does not accelerate beard growth, and the hair does not grow back any thicker. Because when you shave, you do not come into contact with the hair root, which is responsible for the growth and quality of the beard hair. But the beard hairs cut off in the middle are no longer fringed and pointed and are coarser and more muscular. This allows you to cheat at least a bit more beard density. Very important: Do not play around with your whiskers or pull on them. This irritates the root, which in the worst case, stops hair production. In this way, you grow the holes in your beard yourself. You can find out here whether beard rollers accelerate beard growth instead.

Beard growth turbo testosterone

The fluctuations of the “male hormone” testosterone in the blood can also change the intensity of beard growth in life. Because the testosterone level also affects hair growth in men – for better or for worse. It rises in adolescence and often has not yet reached its peak by the end of puberty. While an increase in testosterone harms the roots of the scalp hair and can lead to hair loss, it also causes increased body hair and thus more substantial beard growth, which from a certain length covers small gaps well.

Incidentally, artificially increasing the testosterone level for the sake of beard growth is not a good idea. First of all, hormone preparations can only influence the thickness of beard hair and not the number and distribution of hair follicles. Second, you have to consider that an increase in hormones can also lead to increased hair loss on the head.

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Promising therapies for round beard gaps

“The most common reasons why men with uneven beard growth or even real gaps in the beard area visit our special practice for hair diseases are circular hair loss (alopecia areata barbae) or a congenital short stature of the beard hair,” reports dermatologist and hair specialist Dr. Frank-Matthias Schaart from Hamburg. About once or twice a month, men with gaps in the beard area visit his particular practice – with the request for diagnosis or therapeutic help. With these therapies, the specialist can give hope to those affected, at least in the case of circular beard hair loss:

High dose zinc treatments

  • Topical immunotherapy by applying cortisone externally or by injecting the hairless areas with cortisone crystal suspensions;
  • Treatment with the fractional laser. Schaart: “In about 50% of the cases, this leads to a complete regrowth of the hair that has fallen out after 15-18 weeks.”
  • However: “There is usually no herb against genetic, i.e., inherited gaps in the beard, since the hair roots are missing or not even created,” says the expert Connective tissue diseases can be the cause of hair loss in the beard area. “

Nutritional tips for a fuller beard growth

Before you decide on such drastic methods, you should first try to offer your beard growth the optimal growth conditions in a natural way: The nutrients biotin and silica have been shown to promote healthy hair growth. Preparations are cheap in drugstores. With a nutritious diet, however, you can save yourself this expense. Healthy, protein-rich foods like vegetables, fruits, oatmeal, eggs, and cheese should have permanent places on your menu. By the way: Rubbing the skin with hot mustard or garlic to stimulate hair roots does not work and belongs in the realm of beard myths.

Are there hair restorers for the beard?

Some men try to regrow their beards with hair restorers for their heads. Serious studies prove, for example, the effectiveness of the active ingredient minoxidil or Finasteride in hereditary hair loss on the head. Whether minoxidil also works in the beard region: “Finasteride in tablet form usually does not help against irregular hair growth on the beard. In contrast to the area of ​​the scalp hair, where it sometimes achieves sensational successes with congenital hair loss in men,” says hair expert Schaart “If at all, you can try a solution containing minoxidil, which you massage into the affected areas twice a day.

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