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This Is How Long It Takes To Reduce Your Body Fat

Once the decision to lose weight has been made, it should then usually go very quickly. Goodbye body fat – with the proper diet, you should achieve your dream figure in turbo mode in just a few days. But is that realistic? Not quite! Experts advise being patient.

Fitness trainers and nutrition experts repeatedly warn that healthy weight loss needs the right concept and something completely different: time. Losing weight in a hurry – that sounds ideal, but it is anything but really possible. And that is especially true when body fat is supposed to melt.

The question is not how many pounds can be shed in what time, but how much fat the body breaks down in what period. This is precisely where the expert sees the difference – and at the same time the approach for many charlatans who want to cash in with their miracle drugs for crash diets.

Five pounds of weight loss in a week? That is already possible, says Ederer. Because it doesn’t do anything, at least nothing good. No fat is broken down here, the body is only dehydrated, and in the worst case, the muscle mass has to believe in it. However, this is fatal because the muscles, in particular, burn calories even when they are resting. They are, therefore, particularly relevant in the weight loss process.

Lose Weight Correctly? Could you not rush into it?

Ederer also delivers the good and bad news: On the one hand, it is impossible to lose fat within a week visibly. On the other hand, the process of recovery begins immediately. “In principle, you lose weight from the first second as soon as you have started training and a low-calorie diet,” she affirmed. “And the longer this process goes, the more results become visible.”

However, many people get discouraged too quickly because their ideas are unrealistic. First, the change in diet combined with more regular exercise, only the lasting success in losing weight. And you can see that too – but when?

It is best to plan for several months!

In the ideal case, Ederer estimates that a fundamental change in body silhouette takes six months – even if the individual differences are significant. Your body type plays a role as well as the existing muscle mass or the water balance. The unique constitution is ultimately the decisive factor in starting the new phase of life. So overweight people are rewarded for their decision to lose weight insofar as you can see the results with them the fastest. Since even comparatively small activities consume a lot of energy, the pounds drop faster.

At the same time, there are also significant restrictions: For example, if you suddenly start jogging with too much weight, you risk your joints or even a circulatory collapse. Individual training programs are required here, in which, in addition to fitness, motivation also plays a role. Only those who manage to keep their weaker self on a leash won’t end up in the fridge at night.

In the long run, body fat has no chance against patience

“A sustainable approach with realistic time constraints without starvation and frustration is always preferable to short-term shock diets.” Even if this is terrible news for many people in a hurry, experience has shown that in the end, “only a long-term approach is really successful.” Those who approach their own “transformation process” with realistic ideas will also be far more likely to stick with it and achieve their goal.

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