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Techniques You Should Know About The Curly System

You may still be a stranger to the movement that has emerged on curly hair care. And if you have already googled about it, you will have found a large number of words that refer to techniques of the Curly System and the products that can be used for it. Go for it! We tell you everything you need to know about the routine that has won the hearts of curly girls.

These are the main techniques of the Curly System

If those who practice it agree on one thing, it is that they would have loved to receive a guide on the terms and techniques of the Curly Girl System before embarking on this exciting adventure. A new dialect suddenly breaks into your life that transforms everything you thought you knew about curly hair to teach you that you could take much better care of your hair, and if you find a dictionary that makes this task much better, right?

We are going to explain what you need to know before entering this discipline.

Curly System techniques for washing

Before starting with the wash, there are some terms that you should know and that will help you understand those conversations in which the passion for curly hair sprouts. The first thing you will hear about the system is that your hair will face a transition period. If this sounds strange to you, it has a simple explanation: the damaged hair has to recover from the damage.

To do this, you need to get rid of the remains of silicones that may remain in your hair. You have to do Last Wash, in which you will use a shampoo with sulfates and without silicones that will remove any residue from the hair. Once you have done this step, you will have to say goodbye to sulfates as well. The transition is the time that your hair needs to return to its optimal state of health.

  • Pre Poo: this technique consists of applying a mask dry and letting it act before washing. You can use a show like the Intensive Mask 3 in 1 from Magic Rizos or Extreme from Organic Care.
  • Low Poo: hair is washed with a sulfate-free shampoo and mild surfactants, such as the Low Poo Hydrating Shampoo from Magic Rizos.
  • Cowash: in this case, the hair must be washed with a conditioner, but be careful! Not just any conditioner is valid, as it must contain very mild surfactants that clean the hair. Do you know which one is indicated for it? The cleaner conditioner Cowash of Magic Rizos.
  • Clarify: in the Curly System, product accumulation can occur, so you must clarify from time to time. This technique allows you to remove that buildup of residue without stripping it of its natural oils. We recommend that you do it with a shampoo suitable for clarifying. Shall we tell you the secret? The trick is to use a shampoo with greater cleaning power than the one you usually use. For example, if you wash your hair with Cowash Magic Curls, you should ideally clarify with Low Poo. If you pass with Low Poo Magic Curls, you can explain with Original Oil from Organic Care.

And… What does STC mean?

One of the best-known techniques is the STC or Squish To Condish, and it consists of rinsing the conditioner several times while doing multi mulli (don’t worry, we will explain what this means soon!) Until the hair is separated into strands large, which are also known as algae.

Learn to make multi-million to make the STC a success

It is one of the funniest techniques! It consists of squeezing the hair with the hands in a movement from the ends towards the roots. Learning how to do it correctly will ensure proper curl definition.

The moment of the definition has come!

To apply the fixing product, the first thing you should do is activate the curl. The Activator curl activator will help you do this, and then you can fix the shape with the Mousse foam or the Custard fixing gel, all of them from the Magic Curls line.

Depending on your hair type, you can apply one or the other. We suggest that you:

  • If you have natural or fine hair and low porosity, you can opt for the activator or the activator together with the foam.
  • If your hair is dyed or thick, and the porosity is medium or high, your right option is the activator together with the fixing gel.

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