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Why Is It Good To Regularly Exfoliate Your Whole Body?

Having velvety soft skin is the dream of many women. Thanks to regular care of your body, you can easily achieve this. Natural peelings will also help you with this, leaving your skin firm, healthy and radiant. Come find out how.

How does peeling help the skin?

By regularly using body scrubs, you will remove dead skin cells, improve blood circulation in your skin, and in addition, it will beautifully clean all the pores. We recommend using peelings that are made from purely natural ingredients. They have strong moisturizing, soothing and regenerative effects . Peelings are also an excellent helper for people who have dehydrated skin.

Which peeling is the best?

We’ve made it easy for you to find the best body scrub. In our test, they passed 1* peelings from the Slovak brand of natural cosmetics MARK face and body . We chose this brand because it makes its products from purely natural ingredients and respects the principles of Green beauty. Each component of the product has a beneficial effect on skin health. In addition, these substances, which are safe for the body, can also be decomposed in nature and do not burden the environment.

Peelings are made from coffee and other natural ingredients that have beneficial effects on the body . Caffeine from coffee penetrates the skin, turning it off, smoothing, rejuvenating and dehydrating the subcutaneous cells that cause orange peel. They offer peelings in several aromas – coffee, nougat, coconut, melon or citrus. They get these scents from natural essential oils and extracts.

Types of peelings

For all skin types

If you want to restore lost elasticity, vitality and natural shine to your skin, we recommend using a sugar body scrub with cocoa powder . At the same time, it will protect you from external pollution and the premature formation of wrinkles. If you also struggle with cellulite, definitely try the coffee body scrub with coffee oil . Your skin will be beautifully hydrated and free of imperfections.

For dry skin

Does your skin need hydration and nourishment? In that case, choose sugar body peeling with honey powder , which gently treats the skin, cleans it and removes dry spots. If you want your skin to relax and enjoy a pleasant aroma, reach for a body scrub with a coconut aroma . You can even use it on your face! It nourishes, softens and moisturizes the skin without unnecessarily clogging the pores.

For mixed to oily skin

Do you suffer from acne or skin? You won’t have to worry about anything with this body scrub . It takes good care of any acne-prone and oily skin, and it also has a soothing scent that relieves you of stress. For problematic skin, you can also use peeling with Himalayan salt , which perfectly hydrates and regenerates the skin. In addition, it will not clog your pores unnecessarily.

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