When Exercise Doesn’t Work. How To Get Rid Of Cellulite Using Devices?

Why do women develop cellulite on their bodies?

Cellulite mainly affects the female population and can be characterized as a change in the skin surface (dimples, small nodules, uneven skin surface) especially in the area of ​​the buttocks and thighs. There are many causes of cellulite, for example: genetic factors, female hormones (estrogens), lifestyle, lack of sleep and exercise, tight clothing that worsens blood circulation in the skin. All this causes the fat cells to begin to accumulate and increase in volume, putting pressure on the skin and deforming the skin. The skin ceases to be blood-stained, the supply of nutrients and the washing away of harmful substances are limited, and the outflow of lymph is also impaired.

When is the most ideal time to go for a device treatment that removes cellulite?

Device treatments aimed at eliminating cellulite can be performed year-round. Of course, the greatest interest is before the summer, but since several repetitions are always necessary (depending on the severity of the problem), it is definitely advisable to start as soon as possible.

What procedures does a woman have to choose from?

In general, these are various massage techniques, bandages, instrumental treatments or liposuction. In our Quir studio, we offer the option of a bandage ( special bandages infused with active solutions that promote weight loss, slimming, fat burning and body drainage) or “Laser Cellulite Removal” device treatment, where we deliver laser energy deep into the fat layer, thereby significantly reducing the size of fat cells , at the same time we act with radio frequency, with the help of which we heat the tissue to a depth of 5-10 millimeters. The last function is vacuum suction, which increases blood circulation by dilating blood vessels and at the same time has the effect of lymphatic massage.

Why is device treatment better than “home” treatment for cellulite reduction?

There are many cosmetic products to remove cellulite. In general, creams alone are not enough. It always depends on the severity of the problem, but the results we achieve using professional devices with homemade products will definitely not be achieved.

How to keep the skin firm after the procedure? Is there any prevention against cellulite?

After achieving the desired result, it is necessary to avoid factors promoting the appearance of cellulite – lack of exercise and sleep, unbalanced diet, insufficient drinking regime. At the same time, now is the right time to use anti-cellulite creams.

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