11 Trendy Reception Ideas For Modern Weddings

You’re a modern couple. You don’t want to do what everyone else is doing for their wedding. When you’re looking for unique ideas, you want something that’s trendy now but will also age well when you look back on your wedding day decades from now. Just like you want a modern wedding ring that will still stand the test of time, here’s our list of 11 trendy reception ideas for modern weddings.

1. Mismatched Bridesmaids and Groomsmen — You don’t have to have your bridesmaids all wear the same bridesmaid dress. Especially if they’re all of different heights and body types, that one dress may look great on one person and fit awkwardly on another. They may end up spending a good chunk of change on a dress they’ll only wear once. The same could go for groomsmen who are told to wear a suit in a specific color or pattern. For a modern wedding, let your bridesmaids and groomsmen have more autonomy with their outfits for the wedding.

2. Skip the Florals — Roses. Peonies. Tulips. Yawn. Instead of putting calla lilies as your wedding floral centerpiece, skip floral arrangements. Go for greenery arrangements instead. Green pieces look so much more contemporary than the gardenias of yesterday.

3. Wow with Wedding Vows — It’s hard to capture how much you love your partner in words, let alone a 60-second wedding vow. Try a unique wedding vow that will really wow your partner and your wedding guests. It could be a song or a poem. You can skip words altogether and do an interpretative dance. Think outside the box and speak or perform a wedding vow that is totally you and your partner.

4. Go for the Unconventional — Speaking of thinking outside the box, when it comes to modern weddings, we’re all for unconventional. If you’re the kind of person who asks for unique engagement rings, make the rest of your wedding just as unique. Being unconventional might mean wearing a red ball gown instead of an ivory wedding dress. It might mean skipping having your dad walk you down the aisle. If there are any wedding traditions you’d rather not do, you don’t have to just because it’s a tradition.

5. Keep Your Guests Entertained — Weddings during wedding season tend to blend together after a while. Even though it’s your special day, to many of your guests, it’s yet another wedding. Make your wedding stand out by keeping your guests entertained. That can mean skipping the three-hour sit-down plated dinner and opting for an elevated buffet or food and dessert trucks. Have interactive activities for your guests, like photo booths or silent discos.

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6. Monochromatic Color Palettes — A monochromatic color palette is a trendy reception idea for any modern couple. Go for a crisp, all-white wedding theme with white centerpieces, white plates, white chairs and so on. Try a cool blue color palette with blue wedding invitations, blue bridesmaids’ dresses and blue groomsmen suits.

7. Abstract Cake Designs — If we have to see one more wedding cake topper with the bride and groom…instead, try an abstract cake design. Think geometric lines and expressionist designs. Your delicious cake will also look quite artsy for your modern wedding. Try a cake design that matches your wedding and engagement rings. A rose gold abstract cake photographs well with pretty rose gold princess cut engagement rings.

8. Embrace Negative Space — Don’t be afraid of a little negative space. Negative space helps create visual interest. Striking colors combined with clean lines allow for contemporary tablescapes. Your wedding planner or the venue can help suggest minimal decor ideas for minimalist yet sophisticated settings.

9. Elevate Your Cocktails — According to The Knot, 36 percent of couples want to personalize their day with creative signature drinks. Your guests are sure to love trendy cocktails. When elevating your cocktails, ask the beverage director about mocktail options for anyone who doesn’t drink alcohol. Ask about the latest cocktail infusions. Go for bold flavors. The beverage director may even be able to come up with a custom cocktail creation for your wedding. Picture you and your partner making a toast with your custom cocktails and wedding bands in hand.

10. Try a Device-Free Ceremony — Want to do something really modern? Ask your guests to turn their phones off or go completely device-free. An unplugged ceremony means that all eyes are on you and your partner. Everyone will be totally immersed in the wedding ceremony instead of just taking photos and texting the whole time. Leave the photographing to the professional photographer. After all, your parents and grandparents went device-free, didn’t they?

11. See You on the Custom Dance Floor — Get jiggy with it on the custom dance floor. Ask your venue about how you can create your own dance floor design. If you’re going for an Art Deco-inspired wedding, you may go for a geometric design. If you’re going for a more minimalist wedding, ask about abstract designs or a monochromatic theme.

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