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This Way Your Make-Up Doesn’t Sweat

In sports and heat, the make-up also sweats – and is like modern war paint. No more: our tricks keep you from melted makeup. Sweating allowed!

As much as we are happy about summer – it often poses small challenges for women. Be it swollen legs after a long day ( so you prevent ), the rushed leg shaving in the morning, what the skin thanks us with razor burns – that helps – by the way – or the lost mascara when we look into the sun and a drop or two Have shed sweat.

At this point, let’s get rid of the prevailing: Yes, women always smell of flowers, of course. But we sweat anyway. Just like everyone, whether man, woman, or child. While this is something quite normal – and healthy, we wouldn’t survive without regulating the temperature of our bodies – but sweating doesn’t feel nice. And you can see that relatively quickly when women suddenly lose their perfect make-up in the morning.

The simplest solution is, of course, to take a break in summer and during sports – the skin thanks to it – and to keep it off. But although others often don’t even notice it, many women simply feel more comfortable with a hint of powder. So other tricks are needed! How does the makeup stay fresh even when we sweat? We have summarized the best tips for you:

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Tips: This Is Not How Makeup Works When You Sweat

Use Bright Makeup Colors

In summer you always look a little fresher anyway – the skin is tanned, the sun shows us in the best light. It doesn’t need that much or striking, makeup. Bright, natural tones on lips and lids are advisable for easy-care camouflage in summer and during sports. If something goes well despite all the high-tech cosmetics, it is not as noticeable with beige tones as with Smokey Eyes.

Opt For The Waterproof Version

Almost all cosmetics are now waterproof versions, be it mascara, lipstick, or foundation. The waterproof primer ensures a lasting beauty complexion in heat and even during sports. Despite sweating, the makeup will not get stained as quickly as liquid foundation. There are even cream eyeshadows with a matching gel eyeliner for warm days, also water-tested.

Purchase Makeup With A High Percentage Of Wax

In general, you can take care of the heat, use beauty aids with high wax content and high color pigmentation. Because they are more water-resistant than oil-based products. They bond better to the skin and last longer, whether mascara, lipstick, make-up or kohl.

“Tap In” Make-Up And Make It Sweatproof

The type of application also plays a role. According to stylists, the “patterning” of a primer, i.e. gently tapping the foundation with your fingers, even makes foundations that are not waterproof.

Powder Is Your Best Friend In The Heat

By the way: A little powder under the eyeshadow ensures longer sticking with “normal” eyeshadow. By the way, the baby powder helps against many problems in summer, including thighs that have been chafed.

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