How To Learn Makeup?

How to learn to make up for these holidays. Become a professional makeup artist.

Many are wondering how to learn to apply makeup properly. Today in our post we bring you some tips to learn how to apply makeup. In addition, we leave you some tips on makeup for this holiday.


Don’t Makeup Directly! First, Prepare The Skin

How to learn to make up easy if you know how to do it. Before starting to apply makeup, you must carry out two previous steps: facial cleansing and hydration. If these are not met you can see how your makeup cracks. If you complete these first steps, you will get the best results later.

What Cosmetics Do I Apply First?

After the first step of skincare, the first cosmetic to use will be the pre-base. In this sense, this product, also called a primer, will help to fix the subsequent makeup. When we apply the base or powders, these will be fixed to the skin in the best way.

The Foundation: Which One Do I Choose And How Do I Use It?

First and before choosing a base, you have to know the type of skin to which the product will be applied. Starting from this first premise, there are several possibilities:

  • Dry skin: choose a liquid base to hydrate your skin.
  • Oily skin: this type of skin requires a powder base or a matte finish.
  • Mixed skins: both powders and liquid bases are perfectly accepted by this type of skin.

Second, you need to find the right shade. To know how to learn to apply makeup, you have to identify the skin tone (normally the skin tone of the neck is taken). From that tone, the base will have to be chosen. A test will be done on part of the jaw and neck.

Finally, the application of the base will be a fundamental step for a perfect finish. The first thing is to apply a thin layer of pre-base all over your face. It can be done with the help of the fingers or if it is a liquid base, with the help of a specific slightly damp sponge. The most important thing is to blur it correctly.

When To Use The Powders?

  • The use of powders in makeup is common when we talk mainly about oily skin. The goal is to reduce the natural brightness of the face.
  • To apply them, simply use a thick brush and apply them to the entire face after applying the foundation.
  • The benefits of using powders are that they allow you to touch up quickly. Unify facial skin and eliminate shine.

How To Use Concealers

The objective of this type of cosmetic is to cover skin imperfections, such as dark circles or blackheads. It is more specific than the foundation.

To apply the concealer the right way, it will be necessary to draw a small inverted triangle under the eyes. In this way, it will cover the dark circles and give the sensation of a face with more light.

There are three types of concealer depending on coverage:

  • High coverage: cream, stick, or stick. They have a thick consistency and also guarantee a matte tone.
  • Medium coverage: liquid and liquid with the wand. They are easier to blend.
  • Low coverage: metal tip pen and brush tip pen. It is very easy to apply and subtly brightens the face.

Makeup Lashes

Typically the goal is to help highlight the eyes. For this, it is very common to make up the lashes to make them look longer. The first thing is to curl them with an eyelash curler, preferably metal.

Subsequently, a mascara will be applied with a wide brush to add volume and define the lashes. It is applied from the root to the tip in a zig-zag motion.

Perfect Eyebrows

The shape of the eyebrows is a fundamental element to give a determined focus to the gaze.

The first step in treating lashes is to identify their shape. On each face, it will be different. To ensure proper care, you can use templates to pluck them. Also, if you apply a powder shadow or liner, it will further mark the shape of the eyebrow.

Correct Blemishes

Applying a concealer according to our skin will be key to obtain an illuminated face. A tip is to use loose powders to achieve a matte effect on the skin and later.

When To Apply Blush

Choosing a suitable blush is essential. But if we don’t know when to apply it, we can spoil the makeup. The blush should always be applied after powdering, never before.

For The Eyes, Smokey Eyes

A trend that is being applied in recent years is smokey eyes style eye makeup. This style highlights the look and is perfectly suited to party nights. In addition, you can apply the eyeliner from the tear and achieve a more striking effect on your eyes.

Garnet, King Color For The Lips

The makeup applied to the lips on such outstanding dates will be mainly maroon and shiny. An elegant and striking tone to celebrate the holidays.

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