Party Makeup: How To Be The Star Of The Party?

We want glam, sparkle, sparkle! Yes, okay, but we don’t want to be confused with the Christmas tree either. So for that, we avoid missteps by following a few basic rules. It is normal to want to do more for the holidays and it would be wrong to do without. But for all that, you have to know how to dose sparingly and be skilled with the brush. Follow the guide.

We Take The Basics

Christmas makeup is makeup like any other in the sense that 3 rules must be followed:

  • Have a makeup adapted to your complexion (essential)
  • Use quality makeup brushes and accessories (if not, watch out for traces)
  • Makeup in the right light (at the risk of coming out cutthroat like Lady Gaga)

Mistakes To Avoid

Glitter mania: yes, we also love glitter. No, these are not meant to be applied to every part of your face. Eyes or lips it will be necessary to choose. You can of course opt for sustained glitter makeup, but working only one area. If you choose the eyes, the lips will be nude or rosewood. A rouge can also work as long as your make up look is not too pronounced.

In the same vein, glitter, or not, we avoid straining makeup at all levels. Do you want to contour for the occasion? Go for it! But do not try, like some Youtubers, to transform your face with brush strokes, to prime, and with 3 different shades of lipstick.

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3 Shine Make-Up Ideas For The Holidays

Gold Makeup

Keep this idea in mind and go to any makeup store to find what you are looking for. Choose an iridescent palette in golden and ocher tones. You can also turn to golden gels for a glowy effect! Use the lightest gold on the mobile eyelid and darken the eyes by stretching the outer eyelid. Blend everything and finish with others close to the lower lashes as khol. We do not forget the highlighter at the top of the cheekbones to the temples and under the cupid’s bow. A slightly glossed nude lipstick and you’re done.

Glitter Makeup

We always come back to these famous sequins! Use a gel or cream base to hold your glitter together. Considering the occasion, we advise you, all the same, to bet on the eyes rather than the lips… If the “butterfly of light” side scares you, opt for a glitter eyeliner that you simply apply flush with the lashes. Depending on the intensity chosen, you can then possibly complete with a red, pink, or apricot lipstick.

The Traditional Smokey

We never tire of it and for good reason: it works every time. Here, it is essential to work the complexion well. Indeed, the smoky side accentuates the contrasts and could reveal your little flaws in the light of the fir tree! As always, we blend as much as possible so that the shades of black and gray blend harmoniously. And as it is Christmas, exceptionally, we have the right to complete with red lipstick! For those who don’t really like the “red and black” spirit, you can also use a palette in browns. To your brushes.


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