How To Recycle Your Expired Mascara?

The first reflex that you have when you finish a tube of mascara or it becomes unusable by its drying is to throw it away. However, it can be used differently. Here are five tips to test.

It is not worth lying, we have all thrown away a tube of mascara because it was empty or dry. And yet, this famous tube can serve us much more than we think. At a time when recycling has become essential to save our planet, makeup is no exception. Especially the mascara, since we use it every day. The good news is that there are many methods to give a second life to this product that makes doe eyelashes.

Your Old Mascara Can Be Used As A Care Container

It could not be easier. Just empty your tube well with water and clean the brush. Once your mascara is clean, pour in castor oil instead. You will be able to apply the treatment every evening thanks to the bottle brush, to promote the growth of your eyelashes.

Use Your Mascara As An Eyebrow Brush

The mascara brush is probably the most effective for brushing your eyebrows. As with the first method, rinse your bottle brush with soap. It will easily replace the comb specially designed for the eyebrows. One less waste and one purchase.

The Mascara Brush Can Be Used To Clean Your Nails

Small, the mascara brush is very effective in reaching hard-to-reach areas. It can therefore easily remove some dirt under your nails for clean hands.

Mascara Can Exfoliate Your Lips

For soft lips, you can also brush your mascara brush over your mouth to remove dead skin. As with the previous tips, don’t forget to rinse the brush thoroughly.

Use Your Old Mascara To Make Your New One More Docile

When you use your new mascara for the first time, it may make your own and leave packages on your eyelashes. Do not hesitate to take the brush from your old mascara to remove excess residue.

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