This Is How You Should Put Makeup On When It’s Hot

Makeup and heat are compatible if we adapt products and routines to high temperatures. Find out how

If on the days when the heat is tightest it makes a world for you to have to put on makeup, don’t worry, you’re not alone. Because the mere fact of thinking about covering our faces with layers of makeup to go outside and start sweating many leads them to give up wearing makeup. But it does not have to be like that.

Although yes, the high temperatures force us to adapt our makeup routines to achieve flattering and lasting “looks”. Here are the tricks and steps you should follow to avoid ending up with a patchy face and blotchy eyelids.

Makeup And Heat: Useful Tricks

If you find it uncomfortable to wear foundation during the hottest days of the summer, you can choose to use a BB cream that combines hydration and correction or simply mix a few drops of makeup with your usual moisturizer. This will give you a “look” that is lighter, but equally flattering.

Inspired by Korean jams (soaking your face in ice water), the ice cube trick will help make makeup better set and resist the passage of hours. It consists of applying the ice wrapped in paper on the make-up complexion, exerting light pressure to avoid dragging the product.

The thermal water will be your best ally when refresh makeup, soothe the skin, and keep dehydration at bay during hot weather. In fact, a trick that we can put into practice to touch up our makeup on the hottest days is to spray the skin with one of these sprayers and then brush over with a kabuki brush to leave the complexion even.

Finally, a useful accessory to carry in your bag at this time of year are blotting papers. They are very useful to control the brightness that appears over the hours. They are only pressed on the shiny areas to absorb the fat and mattify.

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Here’s What Heat-Appropriate Makeup Needs To Have, Step By Step:

A Clean Complexion

Cleaning before makeup will be essential on the hottest days. If we apply the products to a skin with accumulated traces of grease and dirt, the duration of the makeup will be limited and patches will begin to show due to sweating.

Primer, Essential

A suitable “primer” will help to fix our foundation and will prolong its duration on the hottest days. It is also recommended to use one on the eyes to fix the shadows.

The Right Foundation

For the hottest days, it is advisable to opt for light makeup bases (with not too much coverage) with oil-free formulas that are not heavy for the skin. The idea is to avoid as much as possible the greasy finish of the skin and achieve a coverage that is as comfortable as possible for the skin when the heat presses. Because, undoubtedly, makeup with heavier formulas will be overwhelming in the hours of the day when the temperatures are highest.

In turn, it is recommended to opt for makeup bases with long-lasting formulas, since they will resist intact for a longer time and offer a matte finish.

Another essential factor to consider when choosing the ideal base is the sun protection factor. These days when we are most exposed to solar radiation, and just for the sake of walking on the street, it is convenient to choose formulas that protect the skin so that we do not have to worry about the damage that the sun causes our skin.

Fix The Base

Although we are in the moment of juicy skin, as far as trends are concerned, controlling the brightness of the face with makeup is a necessity on hot days. Thus we will also be able to prolong the duration of makeup despite the heat. Both for the base and for the concealer, to achieve this we can resort to translucent powders and apply them according to the needs of each skin. It may be sufficient to review the T zone (the one that produces the most fat) or it may be necessary to review the entire face to control the finish.

In any case, it will be necessary to control the application by unloading the brush or the powder tassel before sealing the skin to avoid excess product. Once we have applied the powders on the makeup we can go over the entire face with a large soft hairbrush to remove any dust that has not been fixed to the face.

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Long-Lasting Eye Makeup

Eye makeup is another of the elements most affected by high temperatures. If we do not take measures, it is common to see how the eye shadow slides by the action of sweat until it accumulates in the folds or stains the surrounding areas. Thus, we must apply an eye primer that prolongs the duration of the shadows and keeps them in place longer.

In turn, we must prioritize the “looks” of simple eyes and soft colors so as not to take risks. The dark or striking shadows will show the damage caused by sweating and rubbing with the passing of the hours.

On the other hand, “waterproof” products are the most suitable to guarantee the duration of eye makeup on hot summer days. Both mascara and waterproof liners are the most advisable to keep our eye makeup intact despite the heat.

Powder Blush, Contour And Highlighter

Although they are products that are usually used in cream, for the hot months it is preferable to opt for powder versions that avoid recharging the complexion more. Thus, we will avoid cream blushes and contours or bar illuminators.

Long-Lasting Lips

Opting for long-lasting lipsticks will guarantee that our lips will hold makeup for longer on hot days. In addition, it is convenient to pre-outline the lips to prevent the lipstick from slipping through the wrinkles around the mouth, as well as filling them with the same eyeliner pencil, to create a more lasting base.

Makeup Fixer

The last recommended step of makeup on a hot day will be the application of the makeup fixing spray that provides greater durability and resistance to rubbing.

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