Foxy Eyes: New Trend That Lifts The Eye Without Surgery

This is the trend of the moment: a long, lifted look. We give you three make-up tips to do it step by step.

Take an almond look, add a touch of Cleopatra and cat eyes, you will get the perfect recipe for a successful “foxy eyes”. For several seasons, beauties have traded their classic eyeliner for targeted makeup on the inner and outer corner of the eyes to obtain a fox look (hence its name). Bella Hadid, Kendall Jenner perfect examples. Because behind their intense, slightly raised look, there would be a secret medical surgery called the lifting by tensor threads. If the models never communicated on this supposed procedure, many Instagram accounts have fun posting very disturbing before/after photos. But then how to wear a foxy eyes without making an appointment with a surgeon?

3 Make-Up Tips To Wear The Foxy Eyes

The Eyeliner

For her first tutorial posted on her Instagram account, make-up artist Erin Parson opted for a foxy eyes. Regarding his line of eyeliner, the makeup artist begins with the inner corner of the eye. After making a kind of “V”, the professional creates a long point comma towards the outer part of her eye. The idea? Connect the inner and outer corner using a line of eyeliner on the upper eyelid.

Eye Shadow

Not comfortable with the eyeliner? No problem, opt for your most beautiful dark eyeshadow and bring your brushes . The trick? Choose a shade slightly darker than your complexion and stretch your eyeshadow towards the end of your eyebrows. Also, apply a touch of eye shadow of the same color on your inner corner of the eye to extend the shape of your eye.


There is also another alternative to display a “foxy eyes” without going through the make-up box. This time it’s about eyebrows. favor rather short eyebrows with a high tail. This shape will accentuate this slightly raised look effect.

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