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The Art of Tattooing And How To Choose The Right Style

The artistic brand par excellence on our skin, a real distinctive element that characterizes us; there are many schools of thought and styles. Here are some tips on how to choose the most suitable tattoo for you and where to do it in Caserta

The art of tattooing is as ancient as it is beautiful. It is often thought that it is the color or the needle that makes the difference, but most of the time, it is the hand of the artist who makes the tattoo that gives that something extra. It is so difficult to rely on a tattoo artist when in that drawing there is not only ink, but the memory of a lifetime. Very often, a tattoo concentrates on emotions, feelings and memories that we want to imprint forever on our skin.

So the hands of the tattoo artist must be a treasure trove of ideas, support for those who know what they want but are unable to give it a shape; it is, in fact, important that they are not only artists and performers but also support, or better still the mediators between the client’s mind and the creative reality.

You are transforming people’s desires black on white, allowing each of them to carry them all their lives with a little initial pain. Because you know, the tattoo hurts, but the yield makes you forget even that unbearable scab of the following days.

A profession, that of the tattoo artist who until twenty years ago seemed a passion, and which today lends itself to all intents and purposes as a job on par with a designer, a craftsman, and a drawing professional.

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But how do you choose the tattoo artist to rely on?

Certainly, one of the first criteria used in the search in one’s city, even if very often the starting point, must be the tattoo style we want to do. Yes, because there are multiple schools of thought on tattooing and many different styles. Below we have tried to briefly outline the characteristics of the most classic and most popular styles at the moment.


Small gems are hidden in tattooed bodies or very small tattoos with a usually delicate and elegant design. The minimal style is for people with a sensitive and refined taste. The great thing about minimal tattoos is that you can fill in the body without spending too much on each tattoo and not having to leave.


The blackout, blackwork, ornamental style, defined by the black color. What is closest to fashion, especially when it comes to total black pieces or whole-body parts such as back, chest, arms and calves.


That is tattoos with lettering. The beauty of the tattoo lettering style is its incredible versatility. You can write all kinds of sentences and use just as many fonts. The lettering tattoo is for the most romantic, for people who strongly believe in some values ​​related to a phrase, word, or text.

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The watercolors are inspired by sensational painters such as William Turner, Cozens, and the masters of impressionism Cézanne, Gauguin, Manet, Degas. A style that is not easy to achieve but that can give great satisfaction. An abstract tattoo that employs the watercolor technique can look like a real one and so realistic that it is a real work of art on the skin.


The realistic tattoo is certainly one of the most beautiful and difficult to make; only artists with an impeccable line can try their hand at this style. The attention to detail, such as the wrinkles of a face, the cracks in the skin, the tension of the muscles, the brightness of an eye, must be nothing short of manic to give the effect of depth and almost of photography.

Old School

The style that is now considered “old school” and making a comeback in recent years derives from the past but is much less ancient than it may seem. Old school tattoos in the real sense have their origin and maximum diffusion in the second post-war period. In the 1950s, the American marines were considered real heroes of our world. Their style became a fashion that went crazy in clothing and advertising posters where the icon par excellence was the pin-ups who kept their morale high during the same war. The themes of the sea are revisited and reinterpreted, and the little women in the 1950s style.


One of the most classic is oriental art and Chinese, Japanese or Indian figures. Places where tattooing is a real figurative art. Geishas, ​​carp, Ganesh, ideograms and mythological images are the basis of this style that is enhanced to the highest level if made with bright and intense colors.


Or rather, “draft tattoos” is one of the styles that is becoming popular lately and one of the latest trends of the moment. When an idea is commissioned to a tattoo artist, the first step is to create a draft on paper to understand how the tattoo could look on the client. The next step is to refine the sketch and make the drawing a more refined idea. However, many inks and art-lovers want their tattoos to remain in this phase of “preparation” or “Sketch” to ensure that they can differentiate themselves from others. The inspirations for this type of tattoo derive from the fine arts; they can represent everyday moments, studies on objects or animals. The creativity for this style is unlimited.

So all that remains is to choose the style that we like best and look for the tattoo artist in our city who can get the best focus our idea in focus and white on black before imprinting it forever on our skin.

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