5 Awesome And Completely Free Tips For Perfect Skin

Do you dream of smooth, flawless skin, a blemish-free complexion, and never-drawn features? Leave your cosmetics in your bathroom and try out these pretty cool tips with us, without spending a single dollar.

No need to spend your entire 13th month on beauty products to have beautiful skin, instead opt for simple things you can do for free at home to boost your skin’s beauty potential.

1. Sleep on your back

It may sound silly and yet it changes everything. The position in which you sleep is as important as the number of hours of sleep you track. Having your face buried in the pillow and blankets ultimately changes the quality of your skin by creating wrinkles and crumpling the epidermis. Sleeping on your back, if you can manage it, would therefore be an ideal solution to preserve your face.

2. Change your Pillowcase

Speaking of sleeping well, which is really essential for beautiful skin, did you know that it is absolutely necessary to change your pillowcase often? Indeed, maintaining a clean pillowcase is essential to guarantee skin quality always at the top. You sleep every night with your face placed against this pillowcase which absorbs perspiration, bacteria, and impurities that lodge on the skin and hair … The solution: change the pillowcase every week, and yes.

3. Massage your Face

Eyes swelled in the morning? Stimulate your face with your fingers by performing a self-massage. At the level of dark circles, tap lightly to reactivate blood circulation from the inside to the outside, two or three times. Take the opportunity to massage your entire face if you have the time, to stimulate the epidermis, by following our advice.

4. Use and abuse the cold

Speaking of puffy eyes and sleepy skin, you know the best solution is: cold. When you wake up, there’s nothing like rinsing your skin with cold water to refresh it and wake it up for the day. It will reduce puffiness, tighten your pores and give you an immediate boost! We do not deprive ourselves of it.

5. Wash your hands

It’s really stupid, but it’s essential. Thousands of bacteria roam your pretty hands, and they end up on your face every day. Spread by the hundreds on the skin, they cause imperfections and many other skin problems that we could do without. The best advice we can give you is to wash your hands often, as soon as you think about it. Your face will thank you for it.

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