How To Remove Spots On The Skin: We Tell You The Best Tips

Scars or marks caused by acne, red spots or pimples, the darker ones that appear with age … so you can prevent and eliminate them.

Blemishes and marks on the face are one of the biggest concerns for women. Ultraviolet radiation, hormones, or aging are the main causes that promote its appearance. To avoid them and enjoy homogeneous, smooth, and healthy skin, it is necessary to prevent and carry out a care routine adapted to our skin type, depending on the circumstances.

First of all, now that the good weather is approaching, the first thing to watch is our exposure to the sun and protect ourselves with solar products. Not only to avoid radiation, but also environmental pollutants, which in combination with UV rays can cause premature aging and favor the appearance of spots, acne, and sagging on the face. We must also monitor our exposure to electronic devices since the blue light emitted by our mobile phones and e-books can generate oxidative stress and pigmentation in the skin.

Why do spots appear on the skin?

Hyperpigmentation problems occur with more and more frequency, which usually affect women from the age of 25 and which from the age of 40 affect one in three women. The melanocytes are specialized cells present in the epidermis. Its mission is to produce melanin, a pigment to protect the skin from ultraviolet radiation. Depending on the solar aggression, they generate more or fewer pigments that can cause spots. The increase in melanin also depends on hormonal variations, since its production is under the influence of estrogens. For this, there are various specific products for depigmentation that will help us solve these problems, and nutricosmetics in certain cases is something that can also benefit us.

How can we avoid blemishes on the face?

In addition to complete facial hygiene, nutrition and proper hydration are essential: drink plenty of water and take fruit, such as pomegranate or grape, which promote skin lightening. You can also put sliced ​​raw potato or tomato or lemon skin directly on your face, rich in vitamin C, a powerful antioxidant. When applied externally, it acts as a natural exfoliator that helps to whiten the skin. Complement these good habits with an infallible selection of cutting-edge products that use the latest advances in face care.

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