Step By Step Facial Detox Maskne Treatment

The mask has become an obligatory complement in our lives since they protect our health and others. Still, we have seen that as a result of the humidity that they cause on the skin of the face because it is covered all day, they cause negative effects on our skin, known as the Maskne. To combat this enemy of our skin, we will show you a step-by-step with the ideal products for a Detox Facial Treatment that will help the skins affected by it: Maskne.

Get down to work to pamper your skin, and it will look perfect!

The key to avoiding Maskne is facial cleansing

We see that our skin is increasingly sensitive from the health alert, and dermatologist experts recommend we carry out a thorough cleaning of the skin. This cleaning will help us to remove dirt, sweat, sebum, and makeup, preparing the face for its care.

We show you eight steps to perform a deep facial cleansing that nourishes and hydrates your skin with Ten Professional Image products and avoids the problems associated with Maskne.

Step 1: Removing your skin is vital

Removing makeup from the face every day is essential that should not be lacking in our routine to avoid Maskne. We recommend using our Coco Nude makeup remover oil, specifically designed to cleanse the delicate skin of the eyes and lips. It is formulated with natural oils and emollients that remove dirt and remove even waterproof makeup.

On the other hand, if you don’t like the oil formula, you can use Micellar Water, which removes makeup easily and eliminates impurities, bacteria, and environmental pollutants, ensuring a healthy, well-groomed face free of Maskne. Ideal for sensitive and delicate skin.

Next, it is important to clean the face with soap and water; for this, we recommend our Mousse Blue Cure Cleanser that, thanks to its natural ingredients such as seawater, will provide essential trace elements; it also has hyaluronic acid that will hydrate the skin in-depth, protecting it and avoiding the sensation of tightness. Finally, it should be rinsed off with lukewarm water.

Recommended use daily, both in the morning, before makeup, and at night, before sleep.

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Step 2: Tone the skin

Toner is essential in a routine to remove any makeup residue. Our advice; Moisten two kinds of cotton with the Ten Image Aloe Vera Facial Toner to refresh and cleanse the skin while restoring the PH.

Step 3: Exfoliate the skin with a facial peel

Facial peeling is a treatment applied to the skin of the face whose action is focused on deep exfoliation. It acts on the superficial layers of the skin and serves to eliminate small imperfections such as acne, spots, or small wrinkles.

For this exfoliation, we will use the Ten Image Regenerating Facial Peeling. The best option is to work it with the fingertips, and if the skin is resistant, active movements will be made. On the other hand, on fragile or sensitive skin, which does not tolerate fiction, it will be applied with very gentle movements, insisting on the nose and chin. After its application, it must be removed with water.

As professionals in the field, we can tell you that exfoliating the skin twice a week, at least, will help you reduce the appearance of Maskne.

Step 4: Essential in your facial routine: Serum

Facial serums are essential products to effectively treat problems caused by Maskne and meet the needs of the skin caused by wearing the mask. Being concentrated bases that act quickly, they allow a deeper repair of the skin with immediate absorption.

Suppose you have dry or mature skin in need of regenerating skin at a cellular level. In that case, the best option is to use the Ten Image Youth Serum, which is developed with the latest advances in cosmetic biotechnology and formulated with apple stem cells, which protect and They prolong the life of skin cells, reactivating the skin’s self-regeneration processes and delaying the aging caused by the lack of oxygen left by the mask.

The best way to apply the serum is with gentle movements until its total penetration. It makes us look smooth, young, and radiant, thanks to its rejuvenating and revitalizing properties. It can also help you with acne scars caused by Maskne.

On the other hand, if your skin is oily or suffocated and needs to enhance the vitality of the face, the Vital-C Serum Ten Image combines the rejuvenating power of vitamin C and the benefits of fruit extracts. It will provide luminosity and combat the first symptoms of skin aging.

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Step 5: Facial mask for perfect skin

The use of a face mask offers many advantages to a face with acne. Its main function is to clean it profoundly, eliminating the impurities caused by using the sanitary mask.

We will apply the Ten Image Clay and Fruit Balancing Mask, perfect for all skin types, especially those dehydrated by Maskne, due to its richness in clays formulated with natural products. White clay can absorb impurities from the skin, cleaning the pore in depth. On the other hand, the strawberry extract offers a soothing effect, while the menthol extract generates a sensation of freshness and relief that helps a lot to the inflation and redness of acne skin.

Let the mask act until it dries, approximately 10 minutes, and remove with fresh water. Thanks to its antioxidant power, it will provide the face with vitamins A and E.

Step 6: Refresh the face with the Beauty Water

Spray your face with the Eau Beuaté Mist Beauty Water from Ten Image; this water-based liquid and light texture are perfect for hydrating the skin. It provides great luminosity and tension, refreshing the face during the day.

On the other hand, if you want to calm the irritation and heat produced by the mask, it can be used during the day thanks to its formulation with 100% natural oils (orange, grapefruit, mandarin, rosemary, geranium, sandalwood, orange water, and green tea) and organic fruit water. It has an antioxidant, anti-aging effect and softens skin micro-relief, and is paraben-free.

Step 7: Facial hydration is the secret of young skin

Finally, apply a moisturizing facial cream. It is essential to hydrate the skin, especially if you suffer from Maskne problems that increase redness and imperfections due to the lack of air and hydration caused by the mask.

With the Collagen Cream from Ten Image, you will achieve hydrated, elastic skin with a better texture thanks to its main ingredient, marine collagen. Its toning power has an anti-aging effect that reduces wrinkles by improving the texture and elasticity of the skin. Thanks to rose water, its floral aroma will refresh your skin, and you will love it. You will notice in a few days how hydrating your skin will help you say goodbye to acne.

Now that you know the advice of our aesthetic specialists, you can stop the negative effects of the mask and forget once and for all about this new enemy of your skin, the Maskne.

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