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This Is How Your Makeup Should Be To Get A Good Face Effect When You Have “Mature Skin”

When the signs of aging begin to be evident on the face, we must avoid overloading the complexion of the product, as well as abusing powdered products and shiny finishes.

The makeup and the way in which we apply it must be changing over the years. Although in youth we can let ourselves be carried away by makeup trends and try all kinds of techniques and formats, when the signs of age are marked on our face, it is convenient that we adapt to the needs of our skin to favor it to the fullest.

In general, we should avoid overloading the complexion of the product, as well as abusing powdered products and shiny finishes. Especially if what we want is to get a good face effect makeup on mature skin, we will focus on enhancing the features of the face with products that are not too covering and tones that are as close as possible to natural ones.

This Could Be The Step By Step Of A Good Face Effect Makeup For Mature Skin:

Light Coverage

A base or BB cream with light coverage that allows us to unify the skin tone without accentuating the features of age. We can apply it with the help of a makeup sponge or simply with the fingertips so that the finish is as natural as possible and there are no areas with product accumulation. We will always apply makeup in small amounts, from the center of the face to the outside, and adding product in case we are short.

Minimal Corrections

We should not be obsessed with erasing expression lines or blemishes , since we will only overload the skin and add years. To maintain a natural finish, if it is necessary to correct the area of ​​the dark circles we will do it with a small amount of product applied with the fingertips so that it integrates perfectly. It is important to preserve the most wrinkled areas (crow’s feet) so that the product does not accumulate in them and ends up marking them.

Subtle Lining

To achieve that natural effect with our makeup we can resort to a «tightening» or invisible liner that will give intensity and definition to the look. If we wish, we can also outline the eyelashes with the same pencil and lightly blend with the help of a stick, with movements up and out.

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Eyebrow Retouch

If the eyebrows have lost density and intensity with age, we can touch them up to give them a little more prominence on the face. A little eye shadow or a brown eyebrow pencil will suffice to fill in gaps subtly, always without altering the shape.

Cream Blush

To avoid the accumulation of powdered products on the face, we can use a creamy “blush” that we apply with the fingertips slightly upwards and diagonally starting from the apples of the cheeks.

Eyes Make Up

No glitter to avoid enhancing possible age features such as droopy eyelids or crow’s feet.

For a good face effect makeup we can use blush to refresh the look . It is enough to apply a few touches of rouge on the mobile eyelid to achieve a natural and healthy image.

As an alternative, we can apply a matte brown shadow to the eyelid or simply a few touches of sun powders to give depth to the look. To give light to the look, we can apply a beige shade on the internal tear.

Mark The Face Volumes

Using sun powders we can contour the face. To do this, we will mark slightly under the cheekbone, in the jawline, and on the sides of the forehead, next to the hairline. The idea is to draw the shape of a 3 on the sides, from the forehead to the jaw, having its central axis under the cheekbone.

As for the illuminator, in general, it will be best to avoid it since it tends to mask the imperfections of the age that we are not interested in highlighting. In fact, a common mistake is to apply it on the cheekbone, invading the crow’s feet area, since it only accentuates them.

Simple Tips

As with the eye area, the lips often show obvious signs of aging such as the famous “barcode” (the lines of expression that surround the lips). So in makeup for mature skin, we should avoid using satin or gloss lipsticks.

In addition, it is advisable to always outline the lip so that the shape does not blur and avoid that the lipstick is lost between the wrinkles of the lips over the hours. After outlining the lip, it is best to fill it in with the same pencil and then apply a lipstick that is not shiny.

As for the color, the one that will go best with a natural makeup for mature skin will be the closest to the tone of the lips in each case. Thus the range of nude, pink, and light brown will be the most appropriate.

Powders To Seal

Excessive powder on the skin also marks the expression lines. Therefore, we must control the amount and apply the minimum possible to continue maintaining a juicy finish on the skin. The ideal is to seal the line of the forehead, the chin, and the contour of the nose, leaving the rest of the face natural to preserve as much as possible that natural juicy appearance.

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