5 Beauty Habits That Keep Your Skin Shiny And Beautiful In Winter

As the temperature drops, you need more than just moisturizing cream-a little adjustment to the entire beauty process can protect the skin until the summer comes. From changing facial cleansers to the latest essential ingredients for exfoliation, we bring you a winter skincare guide.

Winter is coming in full swing, we have to update our skincare products, just like the season-changing clothing-the seasoning of beauty makeup is like fashion. The colder temperature means more exposure to the drying effect of the central air conditioning warm air, as well as the cold wind that cracks the skin and the lack of exfoliation caused by clogged pores.

From changing the cleansing milk to checking the pigmentation, Vogue takes you through five small habits to adjust the skincare process (and make sure your skin is well protected before the seemingly distant summer).

1. Replace The Cleanser

As the weather becomes drier and harsher, it is not surprising that the cleanser needs to be replaced. Due to the action of the central air-conditioning heater, the face becomes more easily dehydrated, and the foam cleanser will have a little peeling effect on the skin surface.

New York facial expert Cynthia Rivas suggested: “Change the habit of morning and evening cleansing to only wash your face with a little water in the morning [maintain normal use of cleansing milk at night]. Of course, it depends on the skin, but if you feel dry, it is best to Use a more delicate cleanser.”

2. Don’t Omit Exfoliation

In summer people exfoliate more frequently. The weather is hot, we sweat a lot, and the skin is more likely to clog, so many people do exfoliation during the daily beauty process. But in winter, this is still necessary-so try not to omit this important step.

“In the winter, you should do less exfoliation, [because] you don’t want to exfoliate when your skin is sensitive, so reduce it to one or two times a week.” Rivas Rivas said, “This can remove dead skin cells and make the beauty Makeup products can really penetrate the pores.”

One unexpected natural exfoliating ingredient is rice. It is gentle on the skin, and its properties can wear away dead cells, leaving the skin as soft as velvet, without being sensitive and jerky.

We recommends:

  • Tatcha Rice Essence Scrub: A gentle exfoliating enzyme scrub that brightens skin tone
  • DermalogicaDaily Microfoliant daily enzyme powder: a rice-based enzyme powder that can polish the skin

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3. Prevent Pigmentation Caused By Ultraviolet Rays

It is true that in the warmer months, ultraviolet rays are stronger (ray intensity will vary according to geographical location, time, and season), but this does not mean that ultraviolet rays will completely disappear in winter. Continue to use broad-spectrum protection, such as a cream with an SPF of at least 30, because ultraviolet light can still penetrate the skin’s dermis and cause damage.

However, in the colder months, the ultraviolet rays are weaker, which means that some skincare will actually work better-so now may be a good time to do these. “In the autumn and winter seasons, it will be better to take care of pigmentation [such as microneedles or peels].” Rivas Rivas said.

She added: “Because the [skin] protective layer has been removed or damaged during care, my clients not only need to be less exposed to UV rays to avoid post-care damage, but they also want to retain care during [holiday] Effect.”

4. Regular Mask

In winter, the skin becomes thirsty, dehydrated, and uncomfortable. This is because the outside humidity drops and the water in the air and skin evaporates faster. This means that because the skin is tight and dry, nutrients are difficult to penetrate, making the skin look like walnuts-this is not what people want.

“I always encourage everyone to make a mask after exfoliation,” Rivas Rivas explained. “The mask will penetrate better. Masks with more hyaluronic acid and antioxidants are best. Masks will never be over applied.”

If you have sensitive skin or do not want to use too many chemicals on your face, it is better to choose natural active ingredients. Choose a mask containing plant extracts, such as comfrey, which is known for soothing and healing the skin, or chamomile and aloe.

5. Tailor-Made Water Supply

Finally: replenish water. If you can only change one place in the daily makeup from summer to winter, it is to adjust your moisturizer and make some changes according to the requirements of the skin. Some people feel that even the thickest creams do not provide enough water for them, while others feel that their skin will appear greasy, and spots will appear when using too strong products. The key is to listen to your skin and make adjustments.

“In the morning and evening, [adding] moisturizing essence is very effective,” Rivas Rivas said, “I particularly like hyaluronic acid. It can retain moisture and light texture. Oily skin usually only needs a little essence to replenish moisture.”

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