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How To Lose Weight Without Exercising – Lose Fat And Measures

If, on the one hand, many people dream of getting rid of unwanted excess body fat, on the other hand, not everyone has the disposition, availability, or even medical approval to go to the gym to train several times a week to burn them through practice. Of physical exercises.

But did you know that you can stimulate fat burning and lose your belly without practicing physical training? It sounds like a dream, but the secret lies in food, explicitly controlling carbohydrate consumption, intermittent fasting, or cutting calories.

Carbohydrates are often present at different times in many people’s daily diets. When there is constant nutrient consumption and, consequently, a decompensation in blood glucose levels, the brain signals the pancreas that it is time to release insulin so that the excess sugar is stored inside the fat cell. Something that goes against burning fat.

Therefore, to burn fatter, it is necessary to decrease insulin secretion. One tool for this is the low-carb diet. For those who cannot or cannot follow the food program, there is the alternative of composing the diet with carbohydrates that have less impact on blood glucose and, consequently, do not cause the secretion of so much insulin. In other words, the tactic is learning to choose between good carbs and bad carbs.

Some examples of these foods are lentils, chickpeas, quinoa, and others with a lower glycemic index, with a score of 55 or less. However, they should not be consumed in large amounts.

To prevent the insulin spike, wrong carbohydrate sources such as sugar, white flour, white bread, white pasta, potatoes, industrialized products, sweets, and ice cream should be avoided.

Another recommendation, which can be followed alongside carbohydrate control or not, is to do 12 hours of fasting to enter lipolysis, which is the process of breaking down fats.

It is unnecessary to skip breakfast: have dinner earlier and have breakfast regularly, fasting only during the night period. For example, a person can have dinner at 6 pm and breakfast at 6 am. It is essential for those who choose to fast to know what breaks intermittent fasting.

Technically, consuming any amount of calories breaks the JI, and some calories can even inactivate some of the benefits of fasting.

According to the doctor. When done long-term, Benjamin Horne, genetic epidemiologist, fasting can help prevent coronary artery disease and diabetes.

One of the main mechanisms of intermittent fasting is called autophagy. This cell renewal process removes dysfunctional cell parts. It improves the functioning of the body’s cells, promoting longevity and optimal overall body functioning.

Healthily consuming fat during the fasting period can be particularly beneficial when your main goal is not weight loss.

Decreasing the number of calories consumed daily is another strategy that can be useful because when there is a calorie deficit, calories are burned more than the number of calories ingested.

To burn more calories, it is also worth trying to be more active day to day, even without going to training: you can take stairs, park the car further away and walk more to your destination and do everyday tasks. the day that helps you burn more calories, for example. That is, if there are no contraindications, of course.

How Long Will It Take To See Results?

This is something that varies from person to person. For some, it may be two days, and for others, two months, for example. No one answer is valid for all people, but it is believed that, on average, in seven days, you can already start to have differences in weight.

For the entire process to occur safely and efficiently, it is necessary to have an individual follow-up with a nutritionist or doctor, who will indicate what works best for your particular case.

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