Lose Weight Forever? Eat, Move, Meditate

Most diets allow you to lose weight, but the results often wear off quickly. Very few calories and many privations lead individuals to fall back into temptations at the end of the path. By awakening your metabolism, you can lose weight forever

Healthy nutrition, movement and autogenic training to drive away stress: these are the three keys at the basis of the program for the achievement of well-being according to Ivan Zangirolami , Trentino health coach with a degree in Motor Sciences, creator of the homonymous method, which he has already done lose weight thousands of people.

No miraculous diet, explains the expert in the pages of his book entitled Who said that you need to eat little to lose weight? (Cierre Grafica Editore), yes to carbohydrates and dairy products (in the right quantities), good for more meals during the day, for the constant presence in the diet of some foods capable of preserving the health of the organism, and for a good caloric intake for do not find yourself victims of the yo-yo effect at the end of the path. Absolutely no to excessive restrictions and the exclusion of fats at the table. All these tips, dictated by his long experience in the wellness sector, which align with thelatest scientific breakthroughs in nutrition.

To find out more, we recently met him, on the occasion of the opening of his new wellness center (after those already present in Trento, Bolzano and Verona) in Milan , in via Burlamacchi 11.

Eat, move, meditate, and reach your ideal metabolism: this is the slogan of his program. What is metabolism?

In reference to nutrition, we can define metabolism as the ability of people to transform food into energy and to burn it during the day, to carry out all activities.

Why does it slow down?

There are several causes that induce its slowdown: first of all age , especially for women, who when – around 50 – enter menopause , are subject to an important hormonal change . Another factor is stress (which in turn affects the body’s increased production of cortisol), and then again a too restrictive and rigid diet , low in carbohydrates, which forces the body to learn to travel ” to savings », and therefore to perform all vital functions while consuming the minimum possible fuel . The genetic factor should not be overlooked: each of us has a certain predisposition to gain weight, or to remain thin, regardless of lifestyle.

What should we do to reactivate it, so that we can eat a little bit of everything, without gaining weight?

The secret lies in introducing the right food into the body at the right time , based on the characteristics and personal needs of each individual, obviously combining a sufficient amount of movement (not too much, just a few tens of minutes from 3 to 6 times a week). Therefore, healthy nutrition and specific physical activity, as required by the method I devised, not to be confused with the classic diet or the hour of running in the gym. Doctor Avi Rosanna , Health Director of my centers, prescribes very in-depth analyzes to outline a complete picture of the patient’s needs, and tailor the most suitable path for each one.

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Breakfast, lunch, dinner and snacks: what to bring to the table and what to limit?

I am of the opinion that a successful food program, useful for achieving one’s goal, must first and foremost appeal to those who will have to follow it . Only in this way can you really lose weight forever. For this reason, I recommend bringing a little of everything to the table , according to your tastes: fruit and vegetables, fish, meat, eggs and lean proteins in general, 200 g of carbohydrates per day for women and 300 g for men (between bread, pasta, pizza, etc.), dark chocolate and, in moderation, once / twice a week, wine and / or cheeses.

How important is the »timing» of food intake? Because?

The moment we choose to eat is just as important as the quality of the food. To give an example, in the evening the body tends to enter a state of calm, and therefore does not need a lot of energy. We will therefore have to feed him taking this parameter into account, since the hormonal reaction to food will be different than in the morning.

Supplements: their use is increasingly widespread, but are they really needed? If so, which ones and why?

Assuming that supplements are not used for weight loss (or at least in this sense nothing really effective has yet been discovered), I am instead an advocate of their use to improve health. Vitamin B and C, omega-3, folic acid etc. they are useful in case of deficiencies, to be carefully evaluated through a medical check -up, and to be administered only in case of real need.

Hormones and diet: in your book you devote several pages to the subject. Can you briefly summarize how these two elements influence each other?

Each macronutrient, when introduced into the body, acts differently on our hormonal system . Carbohydrates, for example, stimulate insulin production. An excess of them is harmful to health, as well as a deficiency. Protein does not significantly affect blood sugar, but instead stimulates the hormone glucagon. Fats affect testosterone production. A low-fat diet is therefore not recommended, especially for those who want to lose weight, but you shouldn’t overdo it either. The right way is in the middle . The hormones involved every time we eat, which influence our state of fitness and well-being, are above allinsulin, GH, testosterone, thyroid hormones and cortisol (also known as the “stress hormone”). The production of testosterone and GH is also influenced by physical activity , which is a real ingredient of the wellness diet (no more than 25/30 minutes from 3 to 6 times).

Can you describe a typical day for a slightly overweight woman, from breakfast to dinner, giving reasons for the choice of ingredients / combinations that make up the meals?

Breakfast is always abundant : rusks, chocolate, coffee and milk, but also a small portion of protein if you like, to turn on the metabolism. For snacks : a yogurt accompanied by fresh and dried fruit or a small sandwich with cold cuts. At lunch, a first course is generally provided (100 g of pasta for example), followed by a second course, accompanied by a portion of vegetables , and a soup for dinner , and again a second course with vegetables.. While the diet is more flexible during the day, the meal plan becomes more rigid in the evening (to be followed to the letter). In any case, the winning key of my program is personalization, so it is difficult for me to generalize. However, the rule of eating a little of everything is valid for everyone, without going hungry.

How long does a wellness re-education program take on average at one of your centers?

The course lasts from 6 to 12 months , depending on the needs and characteristics of the patient, who is followed at 360 degrees. After undergoing a series of specific tests, the patient receives a diet and a program of physical activity (no more than 25/30 minutes from 3 to 6 times a week), to be followed at home, in addition to being able to use (if he will want it) of psychological support through a meeting with a psychotherapist, who will introduce him to the autogenic training technique, so that he can independently practice short relaxation sessions, useful for relieving stress and losing weight more easily.

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