Prepare Your Hair For Summer With An Intensive Prevention Treatment

Summer is, for many, the best time of the year . However, there are many factors that have a negative influence on our hair : the sun, the heat, the salt from the sea, the chlorine in the pool… That’s why it’s a good idea to give our hair some extra care before the cooler months arrive. hot of the year. And do you know what the key is? Prevention! We tell you why and how to carry it out.

How to protect your hair before summer

Regardless of your hair type , and whether you’ve dyed it or not, protecting your hair before summer is essential if you want to prevent it from becoming damaged, frizzy or, worse yet, falling out! In one way or another, the hair tends to lose its shine and softness during these months, but there are certain ways to combat these inconveniences and that our hair suffers as little as possible .

“The hair suffers a lot in summer and, if we do not protect it beforehand, it is common for it to lose shine, strength and elasticity over the weeks. If it is already important to take care of it throughout the year , it is even more so during these dates with an intensive nutritional treatment”, he points out.

Intensive treatment to protect your hair

Specifically, we recommend carrying out an intensive hydration treatment with the Organic Care line . With this treatment, what we achieve is “to hydrate and nourish the hair in depth” , explains experts. “Both the sun and the water at the beach or the chlorine in swimming pools cause dilation of the cuticle of the scalp, which is the hair’s first defense barrier against external agents,” he adds.

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Intensive hair prevention treatment steps

1. Extreme Prewash Mask

First, apply the Organic Care Extreme Pre-Wash Mask to dry hair. With a brush we spread through the middle and ends on dry hair, which is where the hair is most damaged. Next, we make some twists with the fingertips to apply with greater intensity. And let act 5 minutes with heat. With this first step, the hair is nourished, hydrated and flexible without weighing it down. It not only rebuilds it internally, but also provides incredible shine and softness .

2. Original Oil Shampoo

The hair care routine continues with Organic Care Original Oil Shampoo . This shampoo, apart from carrying out an effective and deep cleaning , provides another extra of nutrition, instant shine and a silky touch thanks to its formulation with Argan oil and Myrrh. A double champunada is recommended to achieve an optimal result.

3. Mascarilla Nurses

After shampooing, apply the Nutrition Organic Care Mask to the mid-lengths and ends, and massage, leaving it to act for 3 to 5 minutes. Another essential step to achieve deep nutrition and repair of extremely dry and damaged hair fiber. It includes Brazil Nut oil, Argan oil and Camellia oil in its composition, adding shine , vitality and elasticity without weighing it down.

4. Radiance Conditioner Hydrating Conditioner

To finish this intensive treatment to protect the hair, we use the Radiance Conditioner Leave-in Moisturizing Conditioner . Helps to untangle hair more easily while providing nutrition and shine. In addition, it protects the hair against thermal heat, both from irons and dryers, and against static electricity.

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