Facial Cleaning – Question And Answers

Before starting with the questions, let me tell you that I personally consider cleaning a fundamental step in our care protocol.

The success of our routines largely depends on a balanced and effective facial cleansing and it is that it does not make much sense to invest in a specific treatment if we are using an inadequate cleanser on our skin or we do not directly clean it properly.

A clean skin is a skin better prepared to accept the treatment that we apply below.

Cleaning Morning And/Or Night?

The ideal is to clean the skin morning and night, however, the most important cleaning is the night cleaning when you remove makeup, sunscreen, and the accumulated dirt and pollution residues during the day.

In the morning we will opt for a simple cleaning, the choice of cleanser will already depend on our skin type and needs and the night treatments applied.

At night, a double cleaning is recommended, combining an oily cleaner first and an aqueous one as a second step.

Can A Double Cleaning Be Done In The Morning? Can I Use An Oily Cleanser For Morning Cleaning?

The answer is yes in both cases, however, and although you can use a double cleansing in the morning it will depend on your skin type, in case of sensitive skin less is always more.

Personally I think that a simple cleaning is more than enough but yes, you can choose an oily cleanser if you like, in fact, I do it when I notice my skin is especially dehydrated or dry or when I have to withdraw a night treatment like retinol.

What If I Wash My Face Only With Water?

The facial cleaning will be incomplete since the water does not remove all the impurities accumulated in our skin, see for example the sebum.

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Is It Worth Investing In A Cleaner?

It pays to invest in a good cleaner, which doesn’t mean you have to be expensive to be good. The priority is that it is respectful and responds to our needs (and why not also say it to our tastes).

It is important that after using a cleanser your skin is comfortable, not tight, or altered. We always talk about balanced and respectful cleansers and that is that we need to remove the dirt from our skin respecting the lipids present in our hydrolipidic mantle, a proper barrier function depends on it (we talk about it in this post )

A cleanser at the end of the day will remain on our skin for a short time, however, I consider that there are cleansers with certain assets or even a magnificent mid/high range. For example, in acne skin, it may be interesting to use a cleanser with salicylic acid.

Double Cleaning, What Does It Consist Of Steps?

  • Double cleansing is a protocol that consists of cleaning the skin twice as its name indicates and that distinguishes between removing make-up and removing sunscreens and cleaning.
  • For this, we will opt for an oil-based cleanser first that dissolves fat-soluble substances see makeup, SPF, sebum and then an aqueous cleaner that removes the remains of that first step and miscible in water.
  • It is a basic principle, each substance dissolves with the one that is more related, see oil dissolves oil.
  • This is the theory, in practice, I encourage you to try different textures and find your winning combination. The important thing is to feel the skin really clean and comfortable, if your skin gets irritated opt for a unique cleaning.

And If I Don’t Do Makeup, Do I Also Have To Double-Clean?

Makeup is optional, although using an oily cleanser first not only ensures you remove makeup correctly but in the event of not applying make-up, effectively removes SPF and other sebum or pollution-type substances that are fat-soluble.

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Can I Use Vegetable Oil To Remove Makeup?

Personally, I prefer formulas designed for that purpose, like Pai’s makeup remover oil, but it can be done. The key is to rinse them very well (I recommend warm water and a muslin for this).

My favorite is undoubtedly jojoba because of its versatility (I told you about this oil here ), but almond and sunflower oils are also interesting … personally, I don’t like coconut.

They are a fantastic option if you want to minimize the amount of products in your routine.

Micellar Water Yes Or No? When To Use It?

One of IG’s most recent and intense discussions was undoubtedly that of micellar lotions. Personally I do not consider that they are a bad product or something to avoid, it is more I never lack it in the dressing table, however, for me, they are not a regular option in my cleaning routines.

Basically the micellar waters are soapy water (water + surfactants), not all surfactants are the same, nor are all Incis of micellar waters the same, ignoring this for me the “but” is in:

  1. That they are a product with low detergency and therefore insufficient if we are looking for an effective cleaning routine. I recommend its use always in a double cleaning protocol as a first step.
  2. How micellar lotions are sold to us. As a little less than essential product, which removes make-up, cleans, and tones and does not require rinsing. I think there are better cleaning options on the market, they are not a tonic and although I do not generally reject the sensation they leave on my skin, the ideal is to rinse them to remove surfactants.

Our Cleaning Devices Recommended?

Personally, I do not see them as necessary or suitable for all skin types and I refer myself to them from my personal experience. With Clarisonic and Foreo, my skin reacted the same way, with acne breakouts that took weeks to control.

Not for that reason, I consider that they are bad but I do believe that they should be used with caution and good advice, especially sensitive skin or with acne or other pathologies that may be altered or over-stimulated. If you are still interested in this type of gadget, between both I would choose Foreo.

Cleaning Accessories: Muslin/Makeup Remover Discs

I personally use both. I have had the opportunity to try many muslins of different brands, although I recognize that some work in perfect synergy with their respective cleaners, see the Jane Aphotecary balm, there are equally good low-cost options, for example in Primark.

Regarding the discs, I opt for reusable make-up remover discs, two options that work very well for me are The Cosmetics and Vera and the Birds.

Accessories Cleaning

And finally, since we are talking about cleaning, precisely at a time when hygiene is of vital importance, I remind you that it is useless to spend on cleaners and gadgets if we do not maintain the correct and habitual hygiene of our muslin accessories, makeup brushes or rollers and I go further: mobile, headphones.

But especially makeup brushes, not only because we will achieve a better finish if not because we will avoid a focus of bacteria on our skin and in our makeup products.

Special attention sensitive skin or with pathologies such as acne, skins that have their barrier function already altered could aggravate their condition.


Cleaning is a fundamental step in healthy skin, just as important is the choice of a good cleanser as being constant in its use.

Do not complicate with the combinations, it is much easier: if you are just starting or looking for effectiveness, invest an oil that emulsifies well, a set of muslin and a cleansing gel, my favorite is the Cerave moisturizer.

If you have complicated/reactive skin you should consider the pros/cons of double cleansing, it may not be the best for your skin. Avoid the presence of perfume and essential oils in your products.

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