9 Natural Tips To Have A Beautiful Chest

How to take care of your chest and maintain it to have beautiful breasts? This question is on many lips. Without making the suspense last longer, we can tell you that there are natural tips that will help you have a nice chest. And yes, we share them with you in this article!

1. Stand up straight

Posture is one of the first elements to take into account if you want to display a beautiful chest. If you slouch and arch your back, your chest will tend to pull down and droop. So keep your back straight if you want to display a high and firm chest !

2. Know your bra size

It may sound strange, but most women don’t know their bra size. And choosing an undergarment that is too big or too small does not help maintain the breasts properly : too big, the breasts float in it, too small, they are compressed. Not to mention inconveniences such as back pain and marks on the skin, which are as unsightly as they are painful. So be sure to choose a bra that is your size , that supports you enough and that you feel good in! For this, do not hesitate to seek advice from a lingerie saleswoman, specialized in her field. And if you play sports, choose a suitable bra !

3. Eat the right foods

A beautiful chest is also a lot of work that starts with what you eat! Focus on a protein diet , which allows the muscle tissue of the chest to develop. If you are a vegetarian, do not shy away from vegetable proteins, present in particular in legumes!

Also, remember to drink enough water ! 1.5 liters a day is important if you want supple, well-hydrated skin . And of course, beautiful breasts!

4. Protect yourself from the sun

If you like basking in the pill under the sun’s rays, there’s one that doesn’t like it that much: your chest, and that’s normal. The skin of the bust is fragile. Exposed to UV rays, the collagen and elastin that compose it are harmed. So avoid going topless on vacation, and remember to protect the skin of your chest. Also remember to moisturize your skin with after-sun care.

5. End the shower with a jet of cold water

This trick takes a bit of courage, but it’s for a good cause! Hot water tends to burn and relax the tissues, which is why (among other things) you should not shower with water at too high a temperature. Conversely, cold water firms the tissues and gives them tone. You can therefore pass a jet of cold water by performing rotating movements on your chest at the end of your shower, this can only do him good!

And if you’re not a fan of the strong method, then you can store your jar of moisturizer in the fridge, it works too!

6. Think about exfoliating

If you regularly take care of the face, tell yourself that you have to do the same with your body, and the skin of your chest in general. So remember to exfoliate it once a week to rid it of dead cells and help it regenerate. Do not use grains that are too abrasive, but preferably a gentle scrub, because as we have said, the skin on the bust is relatively thin.

Also remember to moisturize your upper body and under your breasts every day . You can even add a little aloe vera gel to your moisturizer to give it a tightening effect.

7. Avoid repetitive diets

If you chain diets, the big loser in history is probably your chest. Because if your skin tightens when you gain weight, it relaxes when you suddenly lose it. Rather than dieting regularly, consider that long-term healthy eating is also the secret to beautiful breasts.

8. Practice the right sport

If you want to sublimate your chest, then you have to play sports! And the best sport for beautiful breasts is swimming, which works your entire upper body and tones and firms the pectoral muscles. However, if you practice intensive sports such as fitness or running, don’t forget to wear a suitable bra. Otherwise, your chest could lose elasticity, and you could hurt your back.

9. Exercise

If you want to strengthen the pectoral muscles that support your chest to maintain beautiful breasts, do the following exercise:

  • From a seated position, raise your arms and bring them together at chest height. The palms of your hands should be touching;
  • Press them together, and hold this position for 3 minutes.

You can also practice the pullover technique (no, it’s not about the garment here!). The pullover designates a series of muscular practices to be carried out at home to strengthen your chest.

  • Take a bar. Bring it back towards your bust, while bending your arms flexibly;
  • Put the bar behind your head, inflating your rib cage at the same time;
  • Then return to the initial position. You can repeat this exercise 15 times.

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