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Beautiful Breasts: 9 Tricks To Get Your Breasts In Top Shape!

Do you want your breasts to look plump and firm? Don’t worry, you can do that without surgery. Here are the best tricks for a nice breast!

A beautiful bosom is one of the weapons of a woman and – oh wonder – magically attracts the eyes of men. Fortunately, there is no such thing as the ultimate in the size and shape of the curves: the main thing is that you feel right at home with your feminine shapes!

The size and shape of the breasts ultimately also depend on many factors that cannot necessarily be influenced. Our physique is the way it is, but weight fluctuations, pregnancy and the period of breastfeeding can also leave their mark.

But it doesn’t matter whether you have large or small breasts, whether perfectly shaped or not completely flawless: With more targeted maintenance Ad For improved elasticity, cold casts and simple exercises in between, a beautiful breast becomes a neat, irresistible eye-catcher. Do something good for yourself and your body so that wrinkles , pimples or loose connective tissue don’t stand a chance

1. Peeling

A weekly peeling of the décolleté stimulates the blood circulation. This tightens the skin, prevents small pimples and removes small bumps. To the sensitive skin Ad not to stress, it is best to gently massage in a fine-grain peeling .

2. Cold treatment

For the brave in the morning: A cold shower or a shower change stimulate the blood circulation in the skin and tighten the connective tissue on the bosom. Careful rubbing of the cleavage with ice cubes has an even greater immediate effect.

And: If you want to do something good for the elasticity of your skin every day, you should drink as much water as possible and make sure you eat a healthy diet with plenty of fruit and vegetables.

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3. Cleavage creams

Cream, cream, cream: It sounds like the ultimate mantra for beautiful breasts, and care with special products that are tailored to the needs of sensitive skin on the décolleté can actually achieve a visible effect.

The creams should be gently massaged into the skin in the morning and evening. Important: Always massage in from the bottom up, so start at the breast and apply gently to the neck.

4. DIY maintenance

In the in-house pantry you will also find natural beautifiers for plump curves. A mask made from lemon wedges tightens the skin with vitamin C and provides a slight push-up effect. Gently pounded in olive oil makes your breasts soft to the touch !

5. Risk of sunburn

Be careful on hot summer days and in sunny vacation areas: The skin of the cleavage is very thin and therefore particularly prone to sunburn. The motto is to apply cream with a high sun protection factor. Even a hat with a wide brim can protect against skin damage from the sun!

6. Belly in. Chest out. Heads up.

Attention, please correct your posture! Instead of bending over, straighten your back and pull your shoulders back. With a really straight body posture, the breasts come into their own.

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7. Breast tighteners

With small exercises you can train and strengthen the chest muscle. In addition to rowing on the exercise bike, breaststroke or push-ups, this simple exercise helps: bend your arms at shoulder height and press your palms together in front of your chest and hold for about ten seconds. It is best to repeat several times a day.

8. The right bra

Did you know that many women wear the wrong size bra? When buying a bra, make sure that the underwear fits correctly, as this is the only way for the bra to optimally support the breast. The cup must enclose the entire breast and must not be wrinkled . The straps must be adjusted individually so that the narrow back section does not slide higher than the lower chest strap.

9. Bed correctly

No more the princess and the pea, because too many pillows and a raised upper body can cause wrinkles. In addition, the following applies: It is best to sleep lying on your back, because sleeping positions on your stomach or on your side crinkle the skin in your cleavage.

And don’t forget: love yourself!

No matter whether big or small, whether plump or a little bit old: There is no measure of all things for a beautiful breast, and so you can find out for yourself that your breasts are irresistibly beautiful.

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