12 Tips For Hair Removal That Lasts Longer

Whichever method is used, the longer the hair removal, the better! Because, let’s be honest, waxing takes time, no one wants to see any hair appearing for a long time, especially in the summer. That’s why we’ve found 12 tips for you to make hair removal last longer. Read instead!

1. Scrub the day before

Before epilating, it is important to properly prepare your skin. Unfortunately, this step is too often overlooked, and that’s a shame, because it can save you several days! To do this, exfoliate the day before your waxing session. Apply your product in small circular motions . You can buy a commercial item (but make sure it contains natural grains and not plastic microbeads), use black soap, or make your own scrub. Nothing could be simpler: use oil and coffee grounds or sugar!

2. Take a hot shower

The second trick is to take a hot shower or bath before hair removal. Why ? Because the heat will allow the pores to open and pull out the hair more gently than on unprepared skin. In addition, it will allow you to remove more!

3. Run a jet of cold water

After depilation, running a jet of cold water over the skin helps keep it softer for longer. And then, it also reduces irritation related to hair removal.

4. Master the gesture

If you epilate yourself, then it is important to have good control of your gestures when removing the wax. Make sure they are light, without too much pressure, so that the hairs withdraw completely. If your gestures are too abrupt, you can break the hair and the effects of your hair removal will be visible for a shorter time.

5. Exfoliate the skin

If it is not recommended to exfoliate immediately after a hair removal session, exfoliating the skin once a week slows down the appearance of hair. The epidermis is clean, softer, and you do not risk hazardous regrowth under the skin!

6. Dry the epidermis gently

To dry your skin, do you tend to rub it roughly? Maybe you should change this skin-irritating habit. Instead, dab it gently with a clean towel to dry it, and remember to moisturize it to keep it soft longer!

7. Make an anti-regrowth lotion

Anti-regrowth treatments are legion on the market. Relatively expensive, not all of them are effective. To avoid breaking the bank while controlling the composition of your skincare, you can make it yourself!

For this you will need:

  • Sage leaves (fresh or dried);
  • A spray bottle.

Put the leaves in a pan of water, and leave to infuse over the heat for 10 minutes. Wait for the infusion to cool, filter and pour everything into the bottle. All you have to do is spray it on the area you want to keep soft longer!

8. Wait for the waning moon

We are used to hearing that you have to cut your hair in the rising moon so that it grows back faster. In this logic, you can plan your hair removal sessions during the descending moons , in order to optimize your chances of seeing your hair grow back more gently!

9. Choose good blades

If you prefer the good old technique of the razor, then you must respect some rules of use to keep your skin soft longer: shave with new blades preferably ! This will cut the hair as close as possible, and avoid irritation , often due to worn razor blades that are not changed often enough!

10. Hydrate skin with coconut oil

This oil has high moisturizing properties. Don’t hesitate to apply it to your skin before going to bed, it’s the best time to take care of it, and keep it soft longer!

11. Apply lemon juice

Lemon is not only known for its whitening or antiseptic properties . It is also the ally of those who wish to slow down hair regrowth and keep their skin soft longer! For this, pass half a lemon on the areas to be treated. However, wait until the next day to spare yourself the burning sensations, and if you have sensitive skin, do not hesitate to dilute the lemon with water.

12. Buy azulene oil

Azulene oil is present in many post-depilatory care recipes! Moisturizing , cleansing , it reduces the appearance of ingrown hairs , and slows hair regrowth . This oil with multiple properties will also be a great ally to make your hair removal last longer.

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