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7 Reasons Not To Throw Away The Skin Of Avocados Anymore

Star food of many diets, the avocado is a fruit appreciated at the table as well as as an aperitif. Do you like this exotic product? Never put his skin in the trash again! Like the core, this protective envelope has many uses… Discover 7 reasons not to throw away the skin of avocados.

1. Make Seedlings

You love your vegetable garden! You take care of it as soon as spring arrives and you always prepare each sowing carefully… Did you know? Avocado skin is perfect for housing your seedlings ! It is both protective and nourishing.

To take advantage of this zero waste tip, simply fill this natural envelope with a little potting soil and compost before placing your precious seeds in it. Moisten the substrate with a few drops of rainwater and you’re done!

2. Perform Facials

Is your skin dull and tired? It lacks hydration and looks a little wrinkled? Cut the skin of your avocados into strips. You will use these to relieve the contour of your eyes. How to do ? It’s simple, just place these parts of the fruit directly against your skin and let the magic happen.

You do not want to apply pieces of avocado peel on your epidermis? In this case, simply rub this part of the fruit against your skin to deposit the precious oils trapped in the plant. Let these act for about ten minutes before rinsing your face with clear water.

You can use this trick to take care of every skin type. Indeed, the avocado is both hydrating and regulating sebum . Do not deprive yourself of its benefits!

3. Make a DIY Mask

The avocado is an extraordinary fruit that is not content to be eaten! You can use its skin to create unique cosmetics . It is for this reason that many brands add it to their formulas.

Are you intrigued? You will find many amazing recipes on the Internet, but here are some tips depending on your skin type:

  • your skin is rather oily. In this case, opt for an avocado and lemon cocktail;
  • your skin is said to be “normal”. Mix the mixed avocado skin with a little olive oil.

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4. Make a Hair Mask

To prepare a hair mask at home, you must mix the avocado skin to form a paste to which you will mix 2 tablespoons of olive oil, 2 tablespoons of coconut oil and 4 tablespoons liquid honey.

Mix everything for a few moments before distributing this magic potion on your lengths and ends. Leave everything on for 2 hours then wash your hair as usual. You will fall for your new mermaid mane!

Do you want to enhance the effect of this ultra soft mask? Leave it on overnight. Your hair will love this treatment!

5. Prepare a Mask for your tired Feet

It’s summer and your feet are dry and cracked? You are going to give them a little softness by wrapping them in a beneficial mask with avocado skin!

Here’s how:

  • Take the skin of your avocados;
  • Rub your heels and the soles of your feet with it;
  • Wrap your feet with a piece of cling film to promote the absorption of the natural product;
  • Wait for 45 minutes;
  • Wipe them gently with a fluffy towel.

Want more effect? Rub your feet with avocado skin before going to bed. Then, put on a pair of socks so you don’t get your sheets dirty, and let it sit overnight . You will love the result!

6. Make Natural DYES

Here is a trick that will probably surprise you: you can use the skin of the avocado to dye certain textiles … It’s both ecological and economical!

Interested in this tip? Follow our tips for coloring your laundry with avocado skins:

  • Collect the skins of about 10 avocados (you can add more skin if you want a more pronounced shade);
  • Boil 5 liters of tap water in a large pot;
  • Place the avocado skins in the casserole dish;
  • Simmer for 1 hour to release the tannins;
  • Remove the pot from the heat and mix the avocado skins using a robot plunger;
  • Put the pot back on the heat for 1 hour;
  • Turn off the heat and strain the dye;
  • Immerse the fabric to be dyed in the water;
  • Let it soak until it takes on the color you want;
  • Wash the linen by hand and dry it in the shade.

Your workshop is over. You will love the pretty pink hue of the garment you colored.

7. Prepare a Moisturizing Bath

Do you want to take a nice hot bath to relax after a long day? In that case, here is a grandmother’s secret that will interest you… Don’t throw the avocado skins in the trash anymore, add them to your bath water instead !

Of course, we are not going to advise you to bathe among these peelings. Here’s how:

  • Run a very hot bath;
  • Dip the avocado skins in it. They will release rich oils into the water;
  • Let your bath cool down to a pleasant temperature;
  • Replace the avocado skins with a few rose petals.

All you have to do is enjoy the benefits of this rejuvenating bath. Your skin will be soft and hydrated thanks to the natural oils and multiple antioxidants contained in the skins of avocados. Yours, regenerated skin  !

As you will have understood, avocado skin has many advantages! ! You now know 7 practical applications to take care of your skin, your hair, your garden or your laundry. All you have to do is try the ones that intrigue you!

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