Summer Is Over: What You Need To Know About Self-care In The Fall

The sun is less, the days are shorter. Great! And we say this without a drop of irony – after all, positive moments can be found at any time of the year. For example, we love autumn for at least two reasons. First, there is a desire to start something new, be it training or a new nutrition program. Secondly, there are more opportunities for skin care – due to active UV radiation, we do not get many beauty products from June to August.

Get a stylish and functional water bottle

We know, the advice about the fact that you need to drink water every day is already tired of everyone. But, until we have come up with an alternative way of saturating the body with moisture, we will remind you of this. In the heat, we often drink the required amount of liquid – it is corny to want to freshen up. But in the autumn-winter period, we may not notice how we replace a glass of water with a cup of tea or coffee. Our advice is to buy a reusable glass or bottle that will be convenient for you to carry with you. And at the same time, put appropriate reminders on your smartphone – so the chances of saving the body from dehydration (and the face from wrinkles) will grow.

Keep a food diary

In summer, it is easier to get the necessary vitamins and minerals – the berries and fruits that you enjoyed on vacation are great for this. But what about when you get home and the season of abundance is over? Calmly! Nutritionists claim that a balanced diet is more important for health and appearance than a few pounds of cherries and raspberries. For example, you can master the recipes for new vegetable dishes – the season for pumpkin and zucchini is just in full swing. And to make it more fun, invite a friend to a healthy lifestyle marathon. Send each other in the chat everything that you have eaten – the temptation to eat a chocolate bar may arise, but, you must admit, it will be a shame to send a photo report with candy wrappers.

Strengthen skin care

Coming back from the sea, it seems as if the skin has improved. On the one hand, there are objective reasons for this: you rested and breathed fresh air. On the other hand, it can be deceiving: a tanned face often looks more attractive. But in fact, we assure that the sun and sea water dry the skin. You may not see it right away. But upon closer examination, you can notice new facial wrinkles and flabbiness. Therefore, when you return to town, buy a set of moisturizers that you want to use. There are several requirements for them: to save the epidermis from dryness, dehydration and irritation (tanning is no joke to you). Eveline Cosmetics – Organic Aloe + Collagen Collection… The face cream gel and eye contour standalone contain aloe extract – the same one known for its moisturizing properties – and collagen that works on wrinkles and crow’s feet. Great combo for post-holiday recovery. But after 3-4 weeks of such nutrition, you can also introduce acids into the care – did you miss them too?

Master a new sport

Yes, summer is over. And yes, it seems logical to us. Let’s explain why. Firstly, it is worth preparing for the next beach season in advance. But this is not the main thing. Many adherents of a sports lifestyle share: during active exercises it seems to them that energy is not spent, but, on the contrary, accumulates. And in the fall, a surge of strength is needed. In addition, the report from the pedometer is no longer so pleasing – at +25 ° C after work it was easier to walk at least part of the way. If your relationship with the gym did not work out before, we recommend trying something more interesting. For example, Pilates or squash. Who knows, maybe it is they who will make you regularly disperse the blood in the body, and as a result – will give you a healthy complexion.

And remember, in every case, regularity is important. And to make it easier to comply with the regime, all things should be done with pleasure. In our opinion, the easiest way is to take care of yourself every day. Especially if the cosmetics: a) works; b) smells good. Conduct an experiment: how quickly you will cease to represent their morning and evening without moisturizing face cream and lifting gel for the eye contour Organic Aloe + Collagen by Eveline Cosmetics? There are several reasons to love them. Let’s start with the composition of the products – 98% of the ingredients are organic! Among them are aloe, which moisturizes the skin, betaine and shea butter, which soothes it, as well as collagen, which fights wrinkles. And also an unusual bonus is the presence of pre- and probiotics in the formula, which protect the skin microbiome.

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