What Is A Cakey Face And How To Avoid It?

Beauty YouTubers have only that word in their mouths: “cakey”. As for the videos explaining how to avoid the cakey foundation, they make millions of views on the net. But what is it really? We tell you everything.

First of all, no “cakey face” does not mean “cake face” in English. The cakey face is the sworn enemy of any beauty spa worthy of the name. By “cakey” (which comes from “cake”, in French “cake”), understand a plastered, cardboard complexion. The cakey face thus designates an ultra-thick complexion that is seen too much. It is in fact a surplus of matter. In other words, quite the opposite of the desired effect when making up: having a perfect complexion but which remains natural. Here are some tips to prevent cakey face:

1. Moisturize Your Skin

To avoid the cakey effect, moisturize your skin as much as possible with a cream adapted to your needs. It is an essential step before makeup. The hydrated skin ensures better hold of the make-up and makes the complexion brighter. Also, the dryness of combination skin and dry skin will be less marked.

2. Choose A Less Covering Foundation

Overly covering foundations easily give the skin a hard look. We favor light foundations, even BB creams, which have a much more natural look. If you want to cover imperfections well, a simple complexion corrector is enough.

3. Put On Less Foundation

Too much foundation kills the foundation. This is also the main origin of a cakey complexion. It is therefore necessary to take little product to prevent an unsightly rendering. This avoids waste.

Notice to the followers of the new transparent sponges: we use even less product with these beauty gadgets than with a brush or a beauty blender. This is also the advantage of these silicone sponges: they do not absorb the material at all, which remains on the surface.

4. The Case Of Powder

The baking trend (making up makeup with a lot of powder) has garnered a few hiccups in recent years. The excess material can indeed come from the foundation, but also from the powder. Make Up For Ever’s European ambassador makeup artist recommends applying powder only to the T-zone, rather than the entire face. “It is better to use a loose, mineral powder than a compact powder,” he adds. And if you don’t shine, you can do without it!

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