What Does Hyaluronic Acid Do And What Is It For?

Discover everything that this component can do for your skin, naturally present in joints, cartilage, and skin.

One of the most important properties of hyaluronic acid is its ability to attract and retain water. Hence, in cosmetics, it has become the star ingredient in hydration and anti-aging. But as with most great cosmetic products.

Within facial treatments, at the end of the 80s, Shiseido, the first laboratory that managed to synthesize this substance through biotechnology, launched Advanced Super Revitalizing Cream, a successful cream that treated the first signs of aging and that even today continues to be a best-seller.

What does hyaluronic acid do and what is it for?

Hyaluronic acid is found naturally in our bodies, as in the cartilage, the joints, the skin, the eyes … and is responsible for maintaining tissues in good condition. However, as time goes by, our body produces it in a smaller quantity, causing the loss of firmness and elasticity and, consequently, the aging of these tissues.

Cosmetic products that contain this anti-aging ingredient penetrate the skin, mixing with our natural hyaluronic acid and thus generating more of this component. When applied to the skin, we achieve deep hydration, gain elasticity and firmness, and avoid the signs of aging, such as wrinkles and expression lines.

How is hyaluronic acid used and how can I add it to my beauty routine?

It is concentrated in facial serums, ampoules, or boosters to offer more in-depth hydration, especially at times when the skin, after being exposed to external aggressive agents such as the sun, needs regeneration. These products should always be applied to very clean skin and before the cream, both during the day and at night, unless the manufacturer indicates another specific use (there are some shock treatments that act only at night). Its effect will be much greater if the products we use after hyaluronic acid contain moisturizing ingredients that seal and balance moisture.

Not only the skin lives on hyaluronic acid

The properties of hyaluronic acid go far beyond facial treatments. For example, shampoos that contain this component will make our hair look healthier and more hydrated, especially when it has been punished for the abusive use of the dryer and the irons. While food supplements based on hyaluronic acid will help us fight fatigue and even some joint pain.

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