Water – The Simplest Beauty Secret

We spend long days at home with change, if not upset, rhythms of life. However, this change in speed must not make us forget good habits, such as drinking the right amount of water a day.

Drinking regularly is important both for physical health and beauty since the correct daily intake of water allows you to keep the skin’s hydration rate at optimal levels. Water also helps to throw out liquids and toxins that cause retention, swelling and accentuate aesthetic problems such as cellulite.

Drinking is essential, but there is no need to overdo the doses: a litre and a half, two of water are the proper rules that must be maintained consistently every day. What are the secrets to remembering to drink even when we are smart working or in front of a movie? Here is some small and practical advice that comes from Acqua Sant’Anna.

Just get up. It is the ideal time to drink a glass of water, or even better, two. It is one of the healthiest habits in the morning. Do not forget, keep a full bottle and a glass on the bedside table or somewhere nearby. It will be the simple sight of these two elements in the morning to remind us what to do when we wake up.

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At home, when moving from room to room. A bottle of water always with us will not forget to drink. An even more practical method is to keep a water bottle in each room, placed at a strategic point.

On the work surface. It is always wise to keep a bottle and drink some at each break. The brain contains, in fact, a very high amount of water, so why not keep it close at hand when working or studying? L ‘hydration will favour concentration, increase productivity, and even positively affect short-term memory.

Drinking while working also prevents the skin exposed to the dry air of heated or conditioned rooms from entering a condition of lack of water, which opens the way to opacity and loss of elasticity and greater fragility and vulnerability against harmful external agents.

After going to the bathroom, it may sound bizarre as a habit but drinking a glass of water helps to compensate for the loss of fluid in the body immediately.

Before meals, it is now established that drinking during a meal does not block digestion. If you do not ingest sufficient quantities of water to dilute the gastric juices (it will be sufficient to limit yourself to drinking as much as necessary to quench the thirst stimulus), the water even has a beneficial effect because it helps the body to soften the ingested food, facilitating the process digestion. However, if you are afraid of feeling heavy or bloated by drinking during meals, try drinking a large glass of water as soon as you sit down at the table before starting the meal.

After physical activity, while going to the gym isn’t possible right now, there are many exercises and disciplines that you can practice at home or in the park to keep fit. 20 – 30 minutes of exercise a day are enough to see the beneficial effects on the body and mood. The important thing is to remember, after each session, to rehydrate. In one hour of exercise, the body can lose up to a litre of fluids, so you need to drink after training.

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