5 Myths And Facts About Drinking Water

1. Replace fruits and vegetables Drink Properly. Those who drink less can eat fruit

Right. If you drink less, you can use fruits and vegetables. Foods that are particularly rich in water can help to polish up the fluid balance. Those who eat plenty of fruit, vegetables, and salad are refreshed by the high water content and also get plenty of fluids. Melon, citrus fruits, nectarine, and strawberries are particularly rich in water. We can recommend cucumber, lettuce, tomato, asparagus, and zucchini as vegetables.

2. Those who drink a lot have smoother skin

Not correct. If more wrinkles become visible with age, this is a sign of aging and the top layers of the skin are dry. However, it has not been scientifically proven that this can be prevented by drinking. Facial training by making faces can train the muscles, improve lymphatic drainage, and promote blood circulation. This, in turn, is good for our skin.

3. You can drink too much

Yes. This is especially true when it comes to drinks that are low in minerals. Anyone who drinks a lot – i.e. more than three liters a day – can cause water poisoning. The reason for this is that water that is low in minerals absorbs the salts from the body and then flushes them out. This can even result in health problems. For example, water poisoning from too much beer is known in medical circles. If the kidney function is no longer completely intact, drinking even a few liters of the beer, which is relatively low in minerals, can lead to water poisoning.

4. Those who have dark urine have usually not drunk enough

Right. If the urine of an otherwise healthy person is dark yellow, this indicates that he has simply not drunk enough. Very light yellow urine, on the other hand, indicates that you have drunk too much. This is completely unproblematic if the kidneys are intact since the body simply excretes too much fluid. Clear, light yellow urine is ideal.

5. Persistent thirst can indicate diabetes

Right. Excessive, persistent thirst can be caused by an increased need to urinate, which can be a sign of diabetes. A symptom of the disease is a large amount of urine on a regular basis. This is because the sugar excreted in the urine removes water from the body. And the body reclaims this missing fluid with a feeling of thirst.

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