The Way To The Perfect Suit

The suit already established itself in the previous century as the absolute status symbol of the stylish man. Unfortunately, over time, the knowledge that is necessary to find a well-fitting specimen that corresponds to your own style was lost. The Gentleman Blog explains step by step how to make the right choice when choosing a suit.

The Lapel

The decisive expression of a suit is still the lapel. Many men are not at all aware of the influence that the cut ultimately has on the overall appearance. If you want to focus on classic elegance yourself, you deliberately opt for a slightly wider lapel. These days it is the particularly narrow lapels that correspond to the fashionable feeling. This allows a particularly young and dynamic picture to be achieved. An example would be the suits of the Club of Gents brand, where you can find both the more solid models and the juvenile sleek ones.

The Shoulders

Anyone looking for the right suit without any help will find it particularly difficult to correctly assess the expression on the shoulders. After all, this is hardly visible from a personal perspective. The decisive factor here is the view of the seam on the shoulder. This should be placed so that it does not protrude over the shoulder in and of itself. If this is the case, wrinkles on the back develop very quickly when the suit is worn. Furthermore, the unsightly appearance of hanging shoulders can arise. If the seam of the shoulders is in the right place, this risk can be easily eliminated.

The Length Of The Suit

There are always hot discussions about the question of how long the perfect suit has to be. In the past few decades, the world of gentlemen has come to a general consensus. It is therefore important that the jacket completely covers the buttocks in every position. If this is not the case, an adjustment must be considered in order to be able to produce the desired shape.

Those who are not equipped with the desired body length themselves can take advantage of this feature. If the suit is chosen a little shorter here, this gives the impression of an optical extension, which can be advantageous in the personal situation.

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The Sleeve Length

If there are individual adjustments to a suit, in many cases these are directly related to the sleeve length. Many men ask themselves how the perfect visual impression can now be created. In fact, it is important that the cuff of the shirt is still visible under the suit. Ideally, the cuff protrudes one to one and a half centimeters. It will not be possible to achieve exactly this constellation in every everyday position. Anyone who attaches particular importance to this can, therefore, consider fixing the two components in order to increase security somewhat.

The Pants Length

Of course, the questions about the suit don’t end there. At the same time, it is important that the length of the pants is perfectly matched to your own measurements. Of course, it is not appropriate to run the pants over the heel of the shoe. There should be a free space of around 1.5 centimeters on the top edge. If this finger width is given, it can be assumed that the right model in the right length has been chosen.

On the other hand, the shoes are also decisive for the impression that can be made with the suit pants. There are a number of guidelines here that should be incorporated into your own decision-making. Important tips for this combination are also In this article to find.

The Right Belt

In and of itself, it is often the accessories that give an outfit the right impression. So there are many points to consider when choosing the right belt. If the belt is closed, two or three free holes should protrude after the buckle. If the end is too short, the impression of a big belly is created very quickly. If the end stays too long, there is a risk that it will stick out and thus negatively affect the overall appearance.

Many experts also emphasize the great importance of the tie. In fact, the view of the pattern, model, and color is even more important here than with the shirt, which in this respect only serves as a background. The right tie is easy to find these days, especially for the business look. This is because most shirts are white or light blue. Correspondingly many colors of the tie are suitable to provide a harmonious overall picture, which is able to ideally underline your own look and to provide further accents.

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