Leaner In Seconds: 6 Tricks To Hide The Belly

For everyone who would like to be a bit slimmer around the middle of the body, here are six quick styling tricks and items of clothing that conceal the belly.

You struggle with sports, but the rolls on your belly just don’t want to disappear? We say: Free yourself from fitness stress and compulsory diets! Because in addition to sports and nutrition, the right outfit also helps to make the extra pounds disappear, at least visually as if by magic. Which fashion parts are advantageous for women with a belly, how are they worn and combined? Here you will find everything you need to know!

You Can Hide Your Belly With These Six Simple Styling Tricks:

Styling Trick 1: Drapes Make You Slim

If you want to hide your belly, you should refrain from figure-hugging tops and dresses made of thin, elastic materials. The problem area is highlighted by the. Clothes made of somewhat firmer fabrics that flatter the body and its curves and thus hide the belly are more flattering. Dresses with drapes or wrap dresses

Are a real magic tool to make the lower abdomen appear slimmer. A small tummy also disappears under straight-cut clothes and flowing A-line cuts.

Styling Trick 2: Better Matt Than Glossy

Sad but true: shiny materials apply. If you want to hide your belly, you should use clothes and tops made of matt fabrics. Best in dark colors, because they make the belly look slimmer.

Also, a great trick to conceal the belly: choose a dress with vertical stripes that distract from the problem area and visually stretch the figure. This immediately makes the stomach look slimmer. If the dress also has a belt that plays around the stomach, you are doing everything right.

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Styling Trick 3: Emphasizes The Vertical Lines

Everything your figure stretches is good. In plain language, this means reaching for tops or dresses with a V-neck, a button placket in the center, zippers, or vertical stripes. Or wear long chains or scarves that emphasize the vertical body lines. This will hide your belly and make your silhouette look slimmer overall.

Styling Trick 4: It’s The Length That Counts

The decisive factor whether a top conceals or emphasizes the belly is its length. In principle, longer tops are more flattering than short sweaters or tops. You should also pay attention to where the top, shirt, or sweater ends because that is exactly where the view is directed. Long shirts or long tunics that reach over the hips are ideal for concealing the belly.

Styling Trick 5: Wonder Weapon Shapewear

Don’t think the celebrity women have no problem areas. You just know how to properly conceal your belly & Co. – namely with shapewear. The figure-shaping underwear made of an elastic yet firm fabric pushes the rolls in place and conjures up a flatter stomach.

Up to two sizes of clothing should be able to cheat slimmer with bodice panties or bodysuits. Underwear is particularly effective under sexy clothes. Give it a try, you will be amazed!

Styling Trick 6: Pants With A High Waist Cover The Belly

The combination of a tight top and hip pants is taboo! The reason: The pants end exactly under the lower abdomen and thus emphasize the problem area. You should therefore always combine longer, casually cut tops with hipsters or a hip skirt that fall loosely over the waistband.

High-cut jeans or skirts with a stretch component are more flattering than hip pants. They conjure up a slimmer stomach and, on top of that, are the more comfortable choice for many women than jeans cut on the hip.

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