The Unvarnished Truth: 6 Beauty Myths

In addition to the famous 100 brush strokes per evening, there are many other supposed wisdom that is supposed to provide more beauty. At some point, they were heard so often that nobody asked anymore.

By Blowing, Nail Polish Dries Faster

The almost automatic blowing directly after painting even extends the drying process, because the warm and moist breath allows the solvent in the paint to evaporate more slowly. Either patience is the order of the day or the handle too, particularly quick-drying paints.

Make-Up Ages The Skin

In the past, make-up often contained rice starch that swelled and covered the pores – not exactly beneficial for the skin! Today, however, most foundations contain so many nourishing ingredients that they are another variant of the main care and not only provide moisture but also protect against environmental influences and UV radiation. It is precisely these two factors that are known to age the skin. After a long day, the following applies: Always remove your make-up before you go sheep.

Chocolate Causes Impure Skin

This myth also turns out to be wrong, because so far no direct connection between pimples and chocolate has been proven. However, the origin of the myth is easy to understand: pimples are caused by excessive sebum production and clogged pores – and these are often a result of stress. And in stressful moments, many people choose chocolate. Anyone who has to deal with blemishes knows that nutrition can have an impact on the complexion. Little sugar and trans fats, but lots of whole grains and fish can make your skin clearer. Fortunately, blaming all the blame on chocolate does not do the problem justice.

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Only Washing Helps Against Oily Hair

Especially when the hair quickly becomes greasy, frequent washing is even counterproductive. This removes the natural fat filter from the hair – and signals to the scalp that it has to produce new fat. A hair wash every two to three days is therefore sensible, some even wait a week until they use shampoo and conditioner again. For those who have washed their hair daily, the change may initially be noticeable through an oily scalp, but after a few days, the body adapts to the new washing rhythm. And another tip: If you have greasy hair quickly, you should use shampoos without silicone.

Split Ends Can Disappear Through Care

Split ends in the tips of the hairdo not look beautiful or healthy. But is that why you want to separate yourself from several centimeters? Most want to avoid that and hope for SOS help through rinsing and cures. They nourish and wrap themselves around the hair like a film, which optically reduces split ends. The sad news: the split ends remain. Therefore, only the handle to the scissors helps to say goodbye to it.

100 Brush Strokes Make Beautiful Hair

And what about the classic beauty myth, the 100 brushstrokes that promise healthy and radiant hair? So: Frequent brushing first frees the scalp from dirt and dander, increases the suppleness, and can reduce the susceptibility to breakage – if the bristles are rounded at the tip or covered with wood. Too much enthusiasm can also have negative consequences because brushing too much stimulates the sebum production of the scalp and has to plague with greasy hair.

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