Six Ways To Straighten Hair Without Irons

There’s life beyond flat irons to control frizz and leave hair straight. Even without heat tools …

Although it is undoubtedly the moment of the waves and the texture in the hair, straightening the hair is still a necessity for many, whether for daily or for specific occasions. Women with curly, wavy hair, or just ponytails have an irresistible ally on straightening irons to control the frizziness of their hair and change their look, from curly to straight, when they feel like it.

Although irons are the most effective method of achieving flawless straightening, we all know the long-term effects that the continued use of this tool can have on the hair. That is why we have set out to find other alternatives to control frizz and straighten hair at home.

Straighten Hair Without Irons And Without Heat

From the most traditional (and effective) solutions to the most creative, these ideas will allow us to rest from the straightening irons from time to time:


The traditional alternative to heat smoothing tools is popularly known as “toga.” Generally speaking, it is a straightening method that involves wrapping the entire mane around the head. It can be done with both wet and dry hair.

Thus, after washing and detangling it, we can leave it slightly damp to wrap it around the head, either strand by strand (holding them with bobby pins) or with the entire mane in one section. In the event that we use hairpins, it is best to opt for those that mark the hair as little as possible (like those of the models). If we want avoid the use of hairpins (especially to avoid discomfort when lying down), we can use a hairnet and / or a handkerchief.

Also, with a natural bristle comb or brush we will help to collect all the hair until it is well polished. Otherwise, it will be left with marks once we undo the «toga».

It is an ideal method to perform at night and take advantage of sleep hours to achieve that ideal straightening.

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Another option for straightening hair cold is to use giant curlers. Only if they are large will we achieve the smoothed effect. Otherwise, if we use small curlers, we will get curly hair.

To straighten the hair with large curlers we must have the hair wet (after washing it, we remove the excess moisture with the towel) and let it dry without undoing the curlers. We will hold the sections of hair with the help of bobby pins regardless of whether we roll the hair in or out.

Smoothing Brush

This heat styling tool became quite a find at its launch a few years ago. It is an electric toothbrush with heat that manages to smooth the hair by combing it section by section. The result is not as polished as that obtained with flat irons, although the straightening brush is not as aggressive with hair either.

With Dryer

The wavy and coarse hairs can obtain an effective straightening without great complications with the only help of a dryer and a brush. You don’t even need to use a styling brush to control frizz and leave a smooth finish. It is enough to dry the hair by brushing the entire mane until it dries completely.

We can apply some serum or hair oil to the ends to achieve a better result and shine. The result will not be comparable to that of the plates, but we will obtain a natural straightening in less time and without attacking our hair as much. For this, it is also important to use the dryer with a medium temperature.

With Rubbers

A homemade trick to straighten hair without irons or heat is to pull the hair to one side with wide fabric ponytails or elastic headbands so that it is covered over its entire surface. The idea is that there is a rigid ponytail with no spaces where the hair can be seen to achieve that straightening effect. Ideally, to get the hair to take shape, lightly moisten it or, if it is freshly washed, partially dry it with the dryer.

Straightening With Treatment

In addition to the tools and tricks, we can resort to specific products and treatments for straightening similar to those carried out in beauty salons, but homemade. They are keratin-based treatments that achieve straightening effects in the short and medium-term and are ideal for very frizzy hair.

Although this type of treatment, among which is the one known as Brazilian straightening, provides a long-lasting straightening that makes it possible to do without the plates for a season, it is generally necessary to use heat tools (dryers or irons) to apply them.

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