Adored And Frowned Upon: The Checkered History Of The Female Butt

You know the saying, “Girls and women always want the body type they don’t have.” This can easily be modified today: “Girls and women always want the butt they don’t have.”

With the rise of Jennifer Lopez, Kim Kardashian and Nicki Minaj as pop icons of our time, the issue of which butt type is ideal has pushed ahead of many other aspects of the perfect female figure debate. It has its good sides that at the moment it is above all the voluminous buttocks that enable women and girls all over the world not (anymore) to be ashamed of curves. But as with all fashions, this new ideal type also casts its shadow. Anyone who doesn’t have a round butt is suddenly left out.

The fact that – once again – the female bottom outperforms all other aspects of the body is no coincidence. Throughout all epochs of our cultural history, women’s buttocks have attracted the attention of women of the same gender, but above all those of men. Hardly any other part of the body arouses so many desires and fantasies, symbolizes sexuality and fuels eroticism.

Preferences have changed. To be more precise, they oscillate back and forth between fullness and scarcity, big bottoms and small ones, round or crisp, firm or soft, plump or narrow, short and long columns, apple or pear-shaped, spherical, crescent-shaped.

We want to give you an overview of what this phenomenon is all about. At the center of this is a puzzling contradiction. We will then give you a historical overview of the change in the way women’s butts have changed over the past 100 years alone.

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Seen from the scientific side

You can approach the subject of butts lexically. There are several terms that describe our region at the lower end of the torso: buttocks, buttocks, buttocks, buttocks, rear end, buttocks. This lists the positive terms. But there are also words that indicate that people are not always unproblematic in dealing with their buttocks. The most common is: ass.

The word Po derives from the Latin “podex” (buttocks). The word bottom is attributed to a trivialization of wet nurses, from which the idiom “to sit on its four letters” is derived.

Anatomically, the butt loses almost all sexual connotations. The description of the rear part, as offered by the online encyclopedia Wikipedia, should be representative of this. According to this, “the buttocks consist of two hemispherical, mirror-symmetrical buttock halves or buttocks, which are separated from one another by the anal groove. The buttocks consist of the two ischial bones, the pelvis as the bony foundation, the gluteal muscles and pronounced fat pads. Both buttocks are limited downwards by the gluteal furrows.”

It should be noted at this point. Up until puberty, boys’ and girls’ buttocks are largely the same, after which they go their separate ways in their development. In women, the female hip bones become wider with sexual maturity, more fatty tissue is deposited. The women’s gait is also changing, since the femurs are not parallel to the spine, but are subtly angled. As a result, the buttocks vibrate. So women “wiggle” their buttocks. In men, on the other hand, the musculature of the buttocks becomes tighter with age, the buttocks “crunchy” until they can no longer hold their shape.

Women also love a man’s bottom, like to look at it, touch it and knead it with devotion. This is easily forgotten when it comes to the erotic appeal of the bottom. Most of the time, talk about it focuses on the female bottom, which has been of paramount sexual importance throughout the centuries. It belongs to the erogenous zones, fuels fantasy, lust and desire.

An ethnological aspect makes it possible. Researchers assume that it is primarily the butt that signals men how fertile a woman is. The rounder, the greater the chances of healthy and proper offspring – is the core message. But a woman’s buttocks are even more attractive with prospects and tactile pleasures. As a body area rich in nerves and with a high blood supply, the buttocks are connected to other erogenous zones in both sexes. Stroking, kneading, squeezing and massaging the bottom electrifies the whole body. Touching stimulates women in particular, there is a direct connection between the buttocks and the breasts. For men, on the other hand, it’s not just the touch that ties him to a woman’s butt. It is not for nothing that coitus from behind is one of the most popular sex positions,

Positive or negative? The cultural problem of the butt

Despite this unusual position of the buttocks in the erotic history of women and men, our relationship to the buttocks is full of ambivalence. This is how a nice behind is valued, but at the same time, ass is the most common swear word in our language. We emphasize the buttocks more than any other part of the body by wearing tight jeans, mini skirts, thongs or lingerie, yet hardly any part of the body is covered with such care. It is the place of caresses and yet a traditional target of kicks and punches. We adore him and crack crude jokes about him.

Shame and disgust are two reasons for this contradiction. Our culture has created an aesthetic barrier to bodily waste that most people feel disgusted with. First and foremost, this affects our feces, for which our language does not have a single positive word. The most neutral term that can be found is “stool” or “defecation”. That also characterizes the butt: Our culture finds it very difficult to put that together. Symbolic of this contradiction is the slap or slap on the buttocks, which signifies pleasure and punishment, just as the request to “kiss your ass” is carried by temptation and contempt.

This back and forth when looking at our buttocks is also reflected in the perception of the buttocks, especially the female one, over the past 100 years. It’s all up and down, which form is en vogue right now – and always gets girls and women in trouble. Basically, it doesn’t matter what’s in at the moment, because just as there is no such thing as one bottom that meets all aspects of an ideal, there is no one taste in men.

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