Do You Want To Like Yourself More? Try These Exercises For A Firmer Figure

Summer may have just ended, but that doesn’t mean you don’t have to keep working on yourself. Now is the right time to start improving your body. These simple exercises will help you feel better about yourself.


The most important exercise for a firmer background is squats. If you have pain in your knees, try to exercise more slowly and only to the depth that your knees can withstand. The longer your exercise lasts, the more your knees will lower over time. You can also try ballet squats , where you stand in a normal squat, plus you put the tips of your feet apart. You repeat this exercise 3 times for 20 squats.


The second important exercise is lunges, which will help you strengthen your thighs as well. You start the exercise by first stepping forward with your right foot and kneeling with your left foot, but not completely to the ground. You can do this exercise again 3 times for 20 or you can alternate both legs.


You can perform deadlifts with a barbell, or if you don’t have one at your disposal at the moment, you can only exercise with your own weight. If you exercise with a barbell, the basis is to have your legs ready to squat apart and the barbell to be placed on your thighs.

The important thing is to keep the dumbbell on your thighs so that it prevents your thighs from going forward. Slowly lean forward and move the barbell towards your calves, while slowly pushing your thighs and buttocks backwards. You return to the starting position and repeat this exercise 3 times after 20 moves.

Lifting the pelvis

The last exercise is lifting the pelvis. A simple exercise for which you only need a mat for your back. You lie on your back on the mat, put your knees apart and slowly start to lift your pelvis. You repeat the exercise 5 times after 10 lifts.

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