What Is Lipedema – How Do You Recognize It And How Can You Treat It?

The disease occurs predominantly on the hips and thighs, with the rest of the affected body remaining of normal size. For this reason, the term ‘saddlebag phenomenon’ is also used. Not only does lipoedema lead to unpleasant pain, the visual impairment also often leads to psychological problems. Since it is often associated with obesity, the combination of all factors represents an additional burden for those affected.

Recognize lipedema correctly

A symmetrical increase in fat with spongy features is symptomatic of lipedema. The affected connective tissue is extremely soft, and there is a strong orange peel effect in the affected regions. Neither hands and fingers nor feet and toes are affected. When there is extreme fat accumulation in the legs, it ends in front of the ankles. In the very advanced stage, the excess fatty tissue hangs over the ankle and significantly restricts freedom of movement.

In general, the people affected have clearly noticeable symptoms, which worsen after a long period of standing and sitting and in the evening after work. In addition, the areas are extremely sensitive to pressure and strong touches, which quickly lead to bruising. Body parts will feel much heavier and look swollen due to excess fluid retention. In addition, there is a feeling of tension, as well as the sensation that the area is filled to bursting. The Internet offers helpful information for those who want to find out more about this topic .

Causes of lipedema

The specific causes for the development of lipoedema are not fully clarified. However, the majority of women suffer from it, so it is obvious that female hormones are responsible. In addition, the fat distribution disorder often occurs in times of hormonal changes, including puberty and pregnancy. On the other hand, lipoedema is rare during or after menopause. In addition, female adipose tissue is structured differently than the male equivalent, which explains the increased susceptibility of the female population.

In contrast, lipoedema in men usually occurs in combination with other diseases such as testosterone deficiency and liver damage. In addition, treatments for prostate cancer can have negative effects on the male hormone balance. Furthermore, certain genetic predispositions promote an onset of the fat distribution disorder, since lipoedema appears to be inherited.

Other problems caused by lipedema

Due to the saddlebags made of fat, those affected feel disturbed when running because their thighs rub against each other. As a result, the skin on the inside of the legs chafes. In addition, the increased weight gain in the limbs can lead to serious misalignments of the joints. As a result, even serious arthrosis is possible. Basically, the quality of life is severely restricted by the fat distribution disorder. The morbidly deformed proportions are not only uncomfortable, but also lead to discomfort and dissatisfaction with one’s own appearance.

Treatment of lipoedema

The causes of lipoedema cannot be treated, but the symptoms can be alleviated in the long term. However, exercise and a healthy diet only help to a limited extent. In order to significantly reduce the accumulation of fat, complex physical therapies are available for decongestion. In connection with manual lymphatic drainage and physiotherapy, there is also relief, as well as wearing compression stockings. It is essential to carry out the measures mentioned regularly in order to see the first successes. For this reason, the patients are responsible and must make a decisive contribution to the implementation of the treatment.

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