The Benefits Of Double Facial Cleansing For Acne And Oily Skin

Facial cleansing is an essential step to keep skin healthy and in perfect condition. However, many times it is not enough to use a single product to eliminate all the impurities that accumulate on the face throughout the day.

For this reason, more and more experts recommend double facial cleansing, a routine of Korean origin that consists of using two types of cleansers: one oil-based and the other water-based.

What is double facial cleansing?

Double facial cleansing is a facial hygiene technique that is gaining more popularity among people every day. In large part it is because of the benefits it can bring to oily skin and skin with acne. Therefore you should know what it consists of. Well, basically it is a cleaning that is carried out in two steps.

First step of the double facial cleansing

The first step is to apply an oil-based cleansing product, such as an oil, a foam, a micellar water or a balm . This type of product helps to dissolve the fat that the skin has generated during the day, the remains of makeup and cosmetics, and the impurities that adhere to the skin’s surface.

The product is massaged on the dry face with circular and soft movements, and then it is removed with a cotton pad or a damp towel.

Second step of the double facial cleansing

The second step is to apply a water-based cleaning product , such as a gel, soap, milk or mousse. This type of product helps to remove the impurities that remain in the pores, the dirt and the dead cells that obstruct the breathing of the skin.

The product is applied to the wet face with circular and smooth movements, in the same way it is cleaned with circular movements and then rinsed with plenty of lukewarm water.

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What are the benefits of double facial cleansing for acne and oily skin?

Double facial cleansing is beneficial for all skin types . But it is especially beneficial for people with acne and oily skin, as it allows them to significantly reduce any skin problems they may have.

Reduce excess fat

By using an oil-based product, it is possible to dissolve the sebum that the skin produces and that can cause shine, inflammation and pimples. Yes, the fat helps to cut the sebum that the skin may have after a long day. Also, when you apply the oil-based product, you manage to remove any remains that may remain.

On the other hand, double facial cleansing is intended to go deeper, so that by doing so the production of fat on the face is reduced. In this way you can show a healthier face.

Unclog pores

When you use an oil-based product, you manage to drag away the impurities that adhere to the skin surface and can clog the pores. Oil allows impurities to be encapsulated and you can remove them more quickly.

With the water-based product, it is possible to clean the pores in depth and prevent the accumulation of bacteria and dirt that can cause infections and inflammation. The water could enter the pores and take out the impurities that are in them.

Prevent the formation of blackheads and pimples

The water-based product helps remove makeup and cosmetics that can clog pores and promote the appearance of comedones. This removes any trace of impurity that may remain during the day much faster. The reason is that they are oil-based products and therefore can better interact with fat on the face.

Then, using the water-based product exfoliates the skin and removes dead cells that can form hard layers on the pores and hinder their oxygenation. And of course this will help you feel more freshness on your face.

Prepares the skin for makeup

You can also use this technique to prepare the skin before applying makeup . By leaving it completely clean, you will make the dermis much more receptive and make-up can adhere better. In this way the makeup can look much better.

Healthier face

The better the cleaning, the better the face will look. In other words, you will be able to show off a radiant face, which will stay that way for longer during the day. In addition, a double facial cleansing routine will allow impurities to do less damage to the face and make you look younger.

How to choose the right products for double facial cleansing?

To carry out an effective double facial cleansing it is important to choose the right products according to the type of skin, age, climate, time of year and the specific needs of each person. Therefore, it is advisable to consult with a specialist in aesthetics or dermatology before starting this routine. In general, these guidelines can be followed:

For the first step, you can choose an oil-based product that is light , non-comedogenic, and suitable for sensitive skin. Some examples are the make-up remover oil with olive and almond oil. These are the most recommended products in the first step, since they dissolve dirt without much effort.

In the case of the second step, it is best to use soaps with a balanced Ph. These can be gel or stick. The important thing is that it cleans thoroughly and that you can feel fresher when you finish cleaning. Another option in this step is micellar water, which helps draw out any impurities that may remain.

There is no doubt that double facial cleansing is a very effective technique that can bring many benefits for the skin. Ideally, you should always follow a routine that allows the skin to be clean and healthy. Remember that the face should always reflect your state of mind, and if it is healthy it will be much better.

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