Definitive Guide To Perform A Facial Cleansing: Steps, Tricks And Products

Do you know all the secrets for a foolproof facial cleansing routine ? Do you know which products are the most suitable? And the essentials? Is it better to do it during the day or at night? In today’s post we give you all the keys to know how to perform a facial cleansing at home , and not fail in the attempt. Can you come with us?

How to do a daily facial

Having a silky-smooth complexion is a goal that we all set for ourselves when we reach a certain age, right? To do this, the first step is to keep your face in perfect condition and then try to keep it as long as possible. For this reason, the ideal is to start with a cleansing on the face that helps us to give it a younger and brighter appearance.

The ideal is every so often to perform a homemade facial cleansing to be able to fulfill this objective. But we know that in some cases it is essential to resort to a deep skin cleansing treatment at the hands of a professional to treat those imperfections for which we can do little or nothing with our own hands.

Face cleansing: how to start

One thing is clear: no skin can be perfect if it is not thoroughly cleaned . We can have the best products for deep facial cleansing, but if we don’t know how to use them properly, their use will be in vain. Is it possible, then, to carry out a daily facial cleansing routine in just a few steps ? Yes, of course. To do this, it is only necessary to follow a hygiene protocol that we will explain below and have some essential products on hand. Oh, and a pinch of patience.

Come on, let’s go with the steps.

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7 steps for a facial cleansing at home

Step 1: Simple wash

Are you wearing makeup? You already know the first step: grab your micellar water and remove all traces of makeup, with special emphasis on eyes and lips. Then wash your face with warm water and neutral soap. The objective is to remove the impurities accumulated on the face, as well as the dirt and grease that your skin may retain. Now, again, pass a cotton pad dipped in micellar water around the face and neck.

Step 2: Apply a scrub

The second step for the homemade facial cleansing routine is to apply a facial scrub . How? Very easy: with slightly damp skin, apply the scrub in small amounts, focusing especially on the nose and cheeks. Start at the forehead and work your way down the contours of the face in circular motions . oh! And don’t forget the lips. In this step you will remove dead skin, traces of dirt… You can use a physical exfoliant daily, but we recommend you complement it with a chemical exfoliant such as the Intense 2-Step Illuminating System . The frequency will depend on your skin type.

Step 3: Open up the pores

We are already halfway through the process. Now it’s time to open the pores. To do this, simply perform a steam bath . Just put water to boil and, when it’s ready, bring your face about 30 centimeters to the container you use. A tip: cover your head with a towel and hold in this position for 10 minutes. In addition to opening the pores, you will also improve blood circulation.

Step 4: Goodbye pimples and blackheads!

With the pores open, our face is ready to receive, now, what would be a proper cleaning, extracting the blackheads and pimples that we have on the face. With completely clean hands, use your fingertips (and, if possible, wrap them with antiseptic gauze), to remove those pimples or blackheads.

Step 5: Apply a toner

The next (and penultimate) step for a facial cleansing at home is to apply a toner . Use a cotton ball or your fingers as long as they are clean. The toner has a double function: on the one hand, it eliminates any impurity that could not be eliminated with the previous steps and, on the other hand, it manages to completely close the pores . The latter is essential to ensure that the skin is clean and protected from any external contaminating agent.

Step 6: Don’t forget hydration

To finish the homemade facial cleansing, the last step is to moisturize the skin. Very important! Possibly, after the whole process, our face will be damaged and red. Therefore, it is recommended to nourish deeply to regenerate the health of the skin. And, for this, nothing better than a good moisturizing mask. Remember, after applying it, perform a new simple facial cleansing .

(Extra) Step 7: Serum and creams for extra hydration

This step is not mandatory but it is recommended. The serum is one of the great forgotten if we talk about proper cleaning for the face. We especially recommend it because with it we reach the deepest layers of the skin , providing a plus of vitality and luminosity. You can also add a moisturizer to complete your deep facial cleansing routine .

Facial cleansing routine: conclusions

As you have seen, following a facial cleansing routine at home is not only recommended but also essential if we want to have shiny, hydrated and smooth skin. It happens to all of us that, at the end of the day (and even more so after a long night), tiredness overwhelms us and it is not at all facial to follow this protocol. But it’s necessary!

In fact, we recommend that you include this cleansing protocol for your skin twice a day : in the morning and at night. Most people believe that it is enough to do it at night, but the truth is that a daytime facial cleansing is just as important , when we get out of bed, to remove the impurities that are generated when sleeping. By cleaning the skin we remove that dirt, but we also tone it up and help reduce the small inflammation of the face after the night.

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