Myth “For Men” – Skin Care For Men!

After repeatedly asking whether our products are also suitable for men, we wrote a blog post on the topic: What skincare should men use? We would like to dispel the “For Men” myth and explain to you what matters regarding skincare.

Why is there skincare just for men?

Have you ever noticed that products for men are labeled “for men” while all others do not have “for women”? The category “for men” is no coincidence. There is a need that brands can meet. The target group for cosmetics is still predominantly female. Above all, the willingness to use several products, to take time for skin care, to deal with ingredients, and to spend a little more money on high-quality care is significantly higher among women.

The range of skin care products in drugstores (online, anyway) is immense. Despite oversaturation, interest in new products continues to grow. Although men are, on average, more prone to blemishes and acne and tend to have oilier skin than women, the willingness to deal intensively with the topic, test countless products to find the right one, and invest a lot of money is essential. The majority of men are still low. Of course, the desire for beautiful skin is still there. A simple solution is needed.

What matters regarding skincare – for men and women

The difference between products for men and all others lies in the ingredients and marketing.

Simple & understandable product design, affordable prices, “masculine” perfumes, clichéd titles, and solid and dark colors. Instead of “anti-aging,” you get the “Energy Q10 kick” with products for men – sounds much more masculine *grrr*. But dear men, let me tell you one thing: your skin is just as sensitive as women’s (all skin is sensitive), and it should be treated that way.

Even if you can “tolerate” everything, you still shouldn’t allow any ingredients into your skin that have no benefit or are bad for your skin – why would you want to? The ingredients in your products should always fulfill a joyous function and work for your skin.

The drugstore offers a manageable selection of the most necessary products for men: from cleaning to beard care, men can stock up on everything they need for little money… Some are formulated to be more tolerable than others. But what if the demand for skin care grows? If the skin reacts sensitively to the ingredients, impurities do not go away, and skin aging is visibly progressing, drugstore products have their limits.

There is no way around active ingredient care

This is where active ingredient care comes into play. What makes the difference to conventional skin care are the high-quality active ingredients and potent active ingredient concentrations, which have a proven effect on the skin’s appearance. The same dilemma here, too: some products are more tolerable than others because active cosmetics do not per se do without potentially irritating ingredients such as alcohol denat, fragrances, preservatives, harsh surfactants, etc.

It becomes even more challenging if you also care about the environment and prefer cosmetics that do not involve animal cruelty. There’s no getting around it – to find the right products for you, you – whether you’re a man or a woman – have to think a little bit about the basics of good skincare and, above all, you should know what your skin needs, regardless of gender individually.

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