The Importance Of Hydrated Skin

Hydrated skin is happy skin. When it comes to having a healthy, glowing complexion, hydrating the skin is essential in your beauty routine. While it may seem easy to keep your skin hydrated, it can be a lot more complicated than it seems.

Dehydrated skin is skin that is lacking in water, however, it will likely take more than one layer of your favorite moisturizer to restore its glow. The good news ? It’s entirely possible with the right habits, the right products, a little love and some care.

Why is hydration important?

Your skin thrives when it is well hydrated. Hydration affects the texture and appearance of your skin, helping it become softer and smoother again. In other words, hydrated skin looks younger. Dehydrated skin can be dry, but can also be oily. Dry skin is characterized by lower sebum production, while dehydrated skin simply lacks water. When your skin is dehydrated, it may appear duller, feel tighter, or be more prone to inflammation, congestion, and breakouts.

How to moisturize your face

If you want to please your complexion, focus on creating a complete routine combining moisturizers and appropriate treatments. Avoid drying ingredients like alcohol or peppermint for example, and favor those whose main property is moisturizing.

For long-term hydrated skin, aim to:

  • Use water-based products whenever you can. After cleansing and exfoliating, to help restore your skin’s natural moisture, try a water-based gel moisturizer .
  • Add serums to your routine: Give your skin the daily opportunity to infuse itself with a powerful and energizing serum. Try using a hydrating serum during your morning routine and before bed.
  • Apply a night cream: Skin naturally rejuvenates when you sleep, making it an ideal time for it to regenerate. Give your complexion an extra boost at night by applying a stronger moisturizer than you might wear during the day and leaving it on while you sleep.

The secret ingredient of hydration

There is no shortage of moisturizing products on store shelves. If the choice is overwhelming and you want simplicity in your routine, look for one key ingredient: hyaluronic acid . This natural substance is found throughout your body, but it is particularly concentrated in your skin. How does hyaluronic acid hydrate the skin? Its main function is to bind to water and retain it on the surface of the epidermis.

Pollution, stress or other environmental factors that you encounter every day can harm the health of the skin, leaving it dry and dull. By incorporating a product containing hyaluronic acid into your routine, you can help keep your skin glowing and hydrated every day.

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