Good Practice Guide For Caring For Fingernails And Toenails

They seem hard to peel but, without proper maintenance, they end up peeling (or breaking, cracking, yellowing …). Do you already notice any of these symptoms? Good time to hydrate and strengthen them with these tricks. Of course: arm yourself with patience. Nail care is a long-distance race.

If you have had a nail problem (such as fungus), you will already know that its total recovery is usually slow. You have to take care of them every day, both to restore their splendor and to preserve it if they are still beautiful. But, before you continue to believe that stopping painting them is the solution, better review these tips. The same you get a surprise .

How To Care For Fingernails

Hydrate Them Often

As part of caring for your hands, we want to think that you use a moisturizer every day. And of course, your nails benefit from it. However, something more is needed. Have you tried massaging them with olive or castor oil? This way you will provide them with nutrients and reinforce their hydration. And speaking of nutrients, your diet also influences the state of your nails. Incorporate foods like almonds, fish, cereals, and dairy into your daily meals.

Protect Them With Gloves

Moisture, chemical substances, and a long etcetera of external agents pose a threat. To avoid damaging your nails (and your manicure), wear gloves whenever possible.

Remember The Cuticles

They have an important mission, so instead of trimming them point-blank, simply push them toward the base of the nail. It will be easier for you if you soften and beautify them with Oil. Apply it on the contour, massage so that its formula with apricot oil penetrates and you will notice them more manageable. Be consistent in its use!

Cut And File Carefully

When you go to use the nail clipper, make sure not to trim them too much. It is not advisable to expose the skin that is under the surface to avoid infections. And another basic tip: use quality files and do it in one direction only. Getting the file right is a must.

Apply A Color Treatment

When we wash them off, should we let them rest for a while? We asked manicurist Experts: “To my clients what I recommend are treatments. Our nails do not always have the strength to heal themselves. So if you see that they are damaged, get a strengthening nail polish, the perfect combination of color and clinically proven ingredients. ” Little more to add. Well, a fact: although the nails things (like the palace ones) go slowly, with this treatment you will notice them stronger in just a week.

How To Care For Toenails

Basically, the care is the same as for the hands, although there are two extras that you should know. The first is that they have to be cut so that they are straight so that they do not become incarnate and the second, that not all footwear is good. If they are right on the tip, for example, they will put pressure on your nails and could deform them. So, the shoes, only your size.

As you can see, caring for your nails does not mean you stop painting them, so keep coloring them with the Treat, Love & Color range while strengthening them. With a little care, you will not use the enamel to hide them but to enhance them.

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