How To Make Wavy Ripples?

These light undulations which give us a lookout of the beach all year round are very easy to shape. Provided, of course, to adopt the right technique. Follow the practical advice of Experts, for a beautiful wavy.

Wavy loops? The no-frills hairstyle that gives us a relaxed air, like we are on vacation, all year round.

First advice from our expert: abandon the idea of ​​going to the salon for a permanent wavy. “The perms give results with too tight curls, and would require too much maintenance for a pretty wavy, for a mediocre result,” he explains. We, therefore, avoid weakening our hair and we prefer homemade wavy curls.

First, We Prepare The Hair

If you have naturally curly hair, you will have to tame your hair before anything else. To prepare the material, apply a malleable product such as a memory foam cream, which will discipline the hair and already give shape to the lengths. You can also opt for an integral care without rinsing before styling.

To optimize the hold of the curls, a spray styling base is applied which will make the hairstyle last. If you are lucky enough to have flexible hair, you can already draw by hand an undulation to draw the wave of the wavy, using a milk perfecting curls.

Then, We Choose Our Styling Equipment

“There are two ways to achieve a nice wavy effect,” explains experts. Either you get around straightening iron with a fairly large diameter, or a curling iron, conical if possible – we forget the curlers, which would give a too tight result.

If however, we do not have a straightener or curling iron, Experts gives us a tip: after applying a styling base cream, we wrap a wick on his finger, then we fix it on the head. The styling products and a phone hairdryer will set the wave. For the curl to print, however, you must already have the flexible hair. We recognize that the technique is tedious and requires dexterity and patience.

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Step-By-Step Wavy Curls

To start, we define a section of hair equal to the width of the straightener. We grab the lock in the straightener and then do about a quarter or a half turn with the straightener, without ever letting go of the lock, so that it twists in the movement inside the straightener.

Then, we wrap the rest of the wick around the straightener and we make another half turn. You can now slide the straightener down while still holding the tip of the lock with your hand. The peculiarity of a beautiful wavy, insists Experts, is to draw a beautiful wave and keep the tips perfectly smooth.

The thickness of the locks is varied according to the desired rendering. Experts advise to test, to let cool, and if we find that the loop is too tight, we stretch with the fingers or else we start again.

Wavy Curling Ripples

With a curling iron, the procedure is the same: we wick strand by strand without letting go of the tip, then we wait a bit for the heat to give movement to the hair. We unroll and adjust according to the desired result.

How To Fix Your Wavy Hairstyle?

The characteristic of a wavy ripple is to be light. Thus, it is the products used upstream that will make it possible to fix it. You can also add a fixing spray. And to accentuate the shine of the curls, use a defining cream or a styling oil.

What Ideal Length For A Beautiful Wavy?

According to Experts, the ideal hair length is under the shoulder, between the collarbone and the armpit. It is indeed more difficult to achieve a nice wavy on a bob cut, and on very long hair, the exercise is tedious.

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