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Scars, Can They Be Completely Removed? Keys To Make Them As Little Noticeable As Possible

Do you have one or more scars on your skin that have not faded over time? If this is your case, pay attention to this week’s post, because this time we dedicate our article to them, since it is a topic that affects both men and women of all ages, so we want to take advantage of the occasion to solve some of the most common doubts about scars.. Let’s start!

Scars occur on the skin in different and varied circumstances, since they can be caused in a thousand and one situations: getting hurt by tripping over a step, accidentally cutting some food in the kitchen while preparing dinner, undergoing surgery for which it has been necessary to make an incision on your skin, or for example, after suffering skin problems such as acne, diseases such as chickenpox, etc.

As you can see, scars are injuries that occur in our daily lives in countless everyday situations that we can imagine.

When they occur, they are reflected in the skin, and although they initially acquire a pinkish color, most tend to fade over time, acquiring shades similar to those of the surrounding skin . On the other hand, there are some cases in which, despite the passing of the years, their appearance does not improve and can cause complexes and discomfort to those who suffer from them.

However, we must not forget that healing is very necessary, within the healing process of a wound, burn, friction, cut, etc. Do you know why?

Its importance lies in the fact that it is a biological process that is part of the healing of the skin when it suffers an injury , thanks to this process the skin closes itself again through tissue regeneration , thus preventing it from being left open and exposed to bacteria and infection.

Sometimes the healing occurs without complications and as a final result, after some time has passed, the mark becomes almost invisible.

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Good healing… Do the scars completely disappear?

The scars produce an alteration in the uniformity of the skin, at first they are visible marks , but if the person has good healing and the process develops normally (taking into account some precautions), over time the mark It will be able to blend in with the rest of the skin tissues and become almost imperceptible .

Genetics, age and sex are factors that influence healing, but there are also factors and measures that can be influenced to facilitate adequate healing. Later on, we will tell you about the most important ones so that you know how. take care of your scars .

But… What happens if there is bad healing?

So that this does not happen, it is necessary to take care of the injury with the instructions that your doctor has given you , so that as far as possible the healing improves, and the process does not worsen .

The final result of poor healing can vary depending on the characteristics of the person (genetics, sex, age), the severity of the wound and the area in which it is located .

In this case, several types of scars can occur: Hypertrophic scars (the scar is bulging, due to excess tissue growth to close the fissure, usually they improve on their own over time), Atrophic scars (the scar is sunken due to lack of tissue growth to cover the area, usually occurs in diseases such as acne or sequelae of diseases such as chickenpox) and finally, the Keloid Scar (it is the next state to the Hypertrophic Scar, when the excess of the Tissue continues to increase and spread, to hide or reduce the mark of this type of scar, it is necessary to resort to medical treatments since it does not disappear on its own).

How can you take care of your scars so that they are as little noticeable as possible?

  • Eat a healthy diet and avoid tobacco
  • Some surgical interventions such as liposuction, abdominoplasty or breast augmentation, involve considerable incisions for their execution, during their healing, it is advisable not to abuse long baths , better short and quick showers.
  • During the healing process, avoid sun exposure to the affected area , otherwise the scar could become darker (hyperpigmentation).
  • You can use products such as Rosehip Oil or healing creams to achieve good healing and reduce marks.
  • If you can’t get rid of the scars, but you want to hide them, you can cover them with a makeup tone similar to your skin tone , thus unifying the affected area.

Are there treatments to improve the condition of scars?

That’s right, whether it is a recent surgical intervention or if the affected person has a scar/scars for a long time that they want to try to eliminate, there are different cosmetics and treatments , with which although it is difficult to completely eliminate the scar, if they can greatly improve your condition .

After an assessment, our specialists can evaluate the state of the scars to help each patient to eliminate them through medical guidelines, cosmetic treatments, or if necessary, with medical treatments such as Carboxytherapy, in order to improve the appearance of the scar. scar/scars, trying to make them as little noticeable as possible.

In the case of acne marks or marks of diseases such as chicken pox , in which Atrophic Scars sometimes form, there are specific treatments with laser, peelings, carboxytherapy, microdermabrasion treatments or even the filling of Atrophic Scars with Hyaluronic Acid.

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